Hilarious video shows 7-year-old girl setting decorations on fire while blowing out candles on her cake

Hilarious video shows 7-year-old girl setting decorations on fire while blowing out candles on her cake

Seven-year-old Luella loved the Kmart decoration but then it caught fire. Still, the family got to enjoy the cake

When you're a 7-year-old girl and love unicorns, you wouldn't want your cake going up in flames as you blow out the candles, right?

Actually, you wouldn't want that to happen to any cake you get for your birthday because... you know... cake.

The family: father Phil, 7-year-old Luella, 9-year-old Amahlia, and mother Bec (Facebook)

That's exactly what happened to little Luella's cake that her mother, Bec King, had decorated with a cute little unicorn topper she had bought from a Kmart in Brisbane, Australia just for the occasion.

Luella loved the unicorn cake topper that her mother bought for her from Kmart (Facebook)

On the night of January 29, the family stood at the kitchen bench and sang "Happy Birthday" for Luella who was genuinely happy with the arrangements.

Luella's birthday was on January 29 (Facebook)

But the festive glow was momentarily replaced by horror on the little girls face when she tried to blow out the candles but ended up setting the decoration on fire. 

Luella loves unicorns and was very happy with the decoration on her cake (Facebook)

King told the Daily Mail: "We all went out for dinner and decided to have a birthday cake before bedtime."

The family had gone out for dinner and then decided to cut a cake (Facebook)

"We're not a big fan of cake but we wanted to get her something for the sake of having a cake so she can blow the candles for her birthday."

The family doesn't really eat cake but because it was a birthday they decided to do it (Facebook)

"I found the cute little Kmart unicorn cake topper, but didn't think too much about the candle placement."

According to King, her daughter "loved it." Then again, who wouldn't love a unicorn majestically standing on their birthday cake?

Luella loved the decoration, as you can see (Facebook)

"She thought it was a really pretty cake," King told the publication.

The 34-year-old mom of two took to Facebook to share the hilarious and adorable video of the family celebrating before things "flared up."

Disaster struck when she finally blew the candles on her cake (Facebook)

Phil, Luella's father, is seen immediately entering dad mode and taking care of the "raging inferno," that threatened to engulf the whole cake. 

Luella's father Phil took care of the burning decorations and everything was ok (Facebook)

In the video, King can be heard saying: "It's exactly what I thought might happen. That's okay, it's all good."

The dog clearly looks petrified (Facebook)

The family dog probably thought its life was in peril, going by its expression in the video. One of the daughters exaggerated the danger posed by the flaming cake when she is heard screaming, "The house is going to go on fire, Dad!"

Phil tried to save as much of the decorations as he could (Facebook)

The family starts laughing after the fiery decorations are put out because they realized that the whole thing was actually funny. They were also able to enjoy the cake because it was thankfully all in one piece.

He managed to get all the burning bits off the cake (Facebook)

"The cake was good," she added. "We were all just laughing. I decided to put in on Facebook because my daughter thought it was funny. It was all just for a bit of laugh. Everyone enjoyed it."

The unicorn and the cake were saved! (Facebook)

Watch the hilarious video below: 

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