9 weird pregnancy facts that no one ever told you about

9 weird pregnancy facts that no one ever told you about

1) Pregnancies can extend to over a year

While the average gestation period is around nine months for humans, there have been numerous cases of pregnancies extending well beyond that time. The world's longest pregnancy spanned over 375 days and the child was born healthy. So if your pregnancy extends, consult a doctor rather than being alarmed at it.


2) A male fetus in the womb can have erections

This is definitely something you haven't even asked someone out of embarrassment, but the fact is that it is very possible and there are numerous cases like these on the record. It is a natural part of male growth so don't be surprised if it happens with your child.


3) Contractions can continue even after birth

The body becomes used to frequent contractions and relaxations during labor and it takes time for your body to recover from delivery. The contractions may continue due to cramps and other factors, even after you have given birth. It would be better to consult your doctor if it occurs rather than be alarmed.



4) You need not 'eat for two'

The average pregnant woman needs only about 300 extra calories a day and may need to put on only about 25 extra pounds during pregnancy for a healthy child. You need not gorge yourself and the best you can do is eat healthy, not hearty.


5) Your feet may grow by a size

It happens due to gain in weight and your feet may expand a bit to support the extra weight. But this is not a permanent deformity and the body usually gets its original shape back once the pregnancy is over.


6) The sense of smell gets keener 

Pregnant mothers have been noted to have their sense of smell heightened during pregnancy. There may be an evolutionary angle to this which prevents them from consuming anything toxic that may be harmful to the fetus, but not for the usual adult.



7) Your glow is real

The glowing pregnant lady may sound like a cliche, but the fact is that during pregnancy, the blood flow in your body increases dramatically and so do oil discharges from various glands giving you a soft, shiny appearance. Add to this, the happiness of giving birth and you will radiate like you have never before.


8) You may poop involuntarily

During childbirth you may accidentally poop yourself. There's nothing to be embarrassed about though as your lower body undergoes a lot of contractions and expelling is just part of that natural process.


9) Fathers may show signs of pregnancy 

The Couvade Syndrome, or sympathy pregnancy, is a real thing. The father-to-be may start showing pregnancy symptoms like cramps, an increase in weight, morning sickness, etc. So, you need not worry if your partner experiences such symptoms. They are sympathetic to your pain.


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