9 top tips that will help you make your relationship a success

9 top tips that will help you make your relationship a success

Relationships are not a cakewalk. It takes a lot of effort to make something work and if you thought that every problem can magically disappear, you are going to be disappointed.  

Having few ups and downs is completely all right and if you are looking for a solution to make your life a tad easy, well, we are here to help you out. 

#9 Don't let the dirt pile up 

You would be surprised to know that most problems in a relationship are caused because the couple fights over what a mess the house has become. How hard can it be to clean a house, or maybe, just get a housemaid? Trust us, guys. It is better to have to spend on a housemaid than spending hours in a marriage counseling session. So, start looking for one.

#8 Learn to listen 

We are humans and we all make mistakes. So, how can you expect your significant other not to? You might have come, or will come across, situations where you feel that your partner disappointed you and it is OK. Just give them a chance to explain themselves and have a conversation like an adult. Don't let differences be the cause of your breakup. Learn to communicate.


#7 Make the smallest of efforts 

A relationship runs on the fuel of understanding and compromise. Do not hesitate to make them. If you think that making a small difference in your lifestyle can make your relationship stronger then just do it. It could be anything. Right from cleaning the table after a meal to not leaving a wet towel on the bed. It does not take a lot to make someone happy.


#6 Think before you speak 

No one likes to have a partner who decides to be sweet to you, but would end up bad mouthing the other in front of their family and friends. This is another reason why most couples face problems. If you think you have a problem with your partner, go to them, talk to them and not others who are mutually connected to you both.


#5 It is all about "we"

Every relationship consists of two people and if you don't understand that, nothing can save your relationship. Don't make anything or everything about yourself. Make sure that you take the time to do things together. Go out for dinner, watch movies and talk about how your day was. Make sure that you both know what is going in your lives. 

#4 Don't look for change 

Never ever look for change or try to change your partner. If there is anything that bothers you about them, tell it to them and not ask them to change. You cannot change anyone, but you can work on yourself. Don't forget to communicate the differences that you share and come to a ground where you both understand what you want.


#3 Make time 

Life is a busy place and no doubt it means that you get to spend less time with the people around you. Don't let this destroy what you already have. Make sure that every day or at least once a week you both go out or engage in an activity together. Make time to discuss what is happening and keep making memories. 

#2 Keep it cool

Arguments are a messy thing and it is a pain to be in one. Quite often we tend to lose our cool over silly things and in the heat of the moment say things that we didn't mean. Don't let such a situation pop up. Try to keep your calm and if at any point you feel that you will say something mean, take a moment away and discuss the matter when you think you are fine.

#1 It is more about like than love 

Any relationship asks for one person to "like" another. Love is something that can fade away over time but if you really like someone, you can be sure that love is going to be there. Make sure that you like the company of the person you are with because if you don't, there is no point of being in the relationship. 


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