4-year-old diagnosed with leukemia after being sent home from school with a sore throat

4-year-old diagnosed with leukemia after being sent home from school with a sore throat

Mother Josie Barron said they have 90% chance of taking Dexter home fit and well after the treatment is complete.

Josie Barron, a mother of three children, runs a website on parenting with Helen Skelton, who is a famous presenter. There's nothing so odd about this because people start businesses all the time. 

Helen Skelton (left) along with Josie Barron (centre) (Instagram)

Recently, Barron revealed that her son was sent home from school with a sore throat. Nothing unusual there too.

The shocking news came when Barron took her son to the hospital to get him checked the next day when she found him covered in rashes. They walked out of the hospital with a diagnosis of leukemia instead.

The family celebrating Christmas before the diagnosis (Instagram)

Barron and her family are from Devon, England.

In an emotional post on Instagram, she described how the diagnosis of her 4-year-old son, Dexter, has devastated the whole family.

Josie and Dexter tried to set up the tree but failed (Instagram)

The woman spoke about how she found her son covered in a rash while he was sleeping at home and how they had to rush him to the hospital in an ambulance.

Josie found a rash on her son and immediately rushed him to the hospital (Instagram)

After tests, doctors told Barron her toddler had cancer and that she would have to put him through emergency treatments.

He was diagnosed with leukemia (Instagram)

The caption of the post has Josie describing how she did not want to see her "boy's name on the whiteboard" in the cancer ward.

She also mentioned that she did not want to hear her son's "blood-curdling screams while emergency procedures had to be done."

Helen Skelton showed her support (Getty Images)

Thankfully, the family has received plenty of support on Instagram from people including Skelton, who wrote on her Instagram page: "Sending respect, love, and strength to our head girl. #teamdex #teamjosie #cancersucks #NHS"

She put the hashtag #cancersucks (Twitter)

Josie shared a picture on the Instagram page of Dexter with his baby sister Olive, captioning the image explaining what had happened: "10 days ago Dexter was sent home from school with a sore throat."

Josie put an emotional post on Instagram telling her followers about what happened (Instagram)

"The next morning, while he still slept, something made me go and check on him, turning on the lights and pulling back the cover. I found him covered in a rash and an ambulance was sent."

Post caption part 1 (Instagram)

"At the hospital wires were attached, antibiotics given and blood taken. Then the consultant received a phone call, "You need to get his Dad to fly home now". At this moment I knew something was seriously wrong. And within a couple of hours of arriving I was taken into a room where I was told our darling boy has Leukeamia."

Post caption part 2 (Instagram)

She added: "We stayed in hospital for 2 nights while Dex was given blood transfusions to get him strong enough to be taken to Bristol Children's Hospital which is where I'm writing this post from. A post I wish I wasn't writing."

Mom and son making the most of the situation and taking a selfie (Instagram)

"I don't want to see my boy's name on the whiteboard in the ward for children with cancer. I don't want to have witnessed my boy's blood-curdling screams while emergency procedures had to be done. I don't want to be signing consent forms for bone marrow to be taken and drugs to be administered."

Dexter posing with his sisters (Instagram)

"I don't want to be walking my child into treatment rooms knowing he's about to be injected with chemo and I don't want to be seeing the side effects already kicking in.  

"I want to be back in our lovely home with both his sisters, in our blissfully happy bubble that I didn't even realised was so happy until now.But we are here. This is now our story and I know in many ways we are extremely lucky.

"We have a 90% chance of taking our boy home fit and well after the treatment is complete... There are children and families in this ward who are in far worse positions than us." 

The brave 4-year-old says he'll be ok with 2 thumbs up (Instagram)

She posted another photo of her son showing a thumbs up, which she captioned: "I'm handing over the running of Mummy Social for a little while I concentrate on helping my boy get better. Send Dex some positive vibes please, we will be back! xxx."










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