10 times Cat & Nat were super hilarious and totally relatable

10 times Cat & Nat were super hilarious and totally relatable

These moms take parenthood by the horns in their videos and they do it with so much of humor, it is enviable!

If you haven't subscribed to them yet, you need to! Cat & Nat is a community of like-minded moms, who tune in daily to watch them rewrite the paradigm of “the perfect mom.” Loaded with humor, these two ladies have a take on everything laced with honesty and tons of wit. 

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, the duo behind Cat& Nat. (Source: Facebook)

They challenge the norms when it comes to how a mom should be. They share everything moms think but are too afraid to talk about. What's more, they do this while raising their seven kids, and trying to run a business between nap time and after bedtime. Run by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, who have been best friends since they were teens, this Canadian comedy duo is best known for their series Mom Truths. Here's a list of the 10 times, they drove us hysterical with laughter and then left us with an 'omg so true!'

The funny moms with their tribe of 7! (Source: Facebook)

1. When mommy needed a drink

Cat & Nat give you a lowdown on the reasons why alcohol is every mother's saviour in times of need — times like, "Because daddy wears invisible earplugs in the middle of the night!" 


2. When they went super candid on the reality of marriage

When husbands don't talk about the solution, but point out the problems, brains get fried! Watch these two talk about the reality of being married with children in this hillarious interpretation.

3. When they gave us the bible to what moms mean when they say things

This is the mumma-paedia of what to say and what not to say to mums. Husbands, look here. You can thank them later!

4. When they told us about the types of Instagram moms

The blogger mom, the fitness mom and the moms that magically have no issues getting their kids to eat broccoli muffins — this video is hillarious and so on point, that it will make you cry relatable tears. Don't miss the Magical Moments Mom.

5. When they came clean about the lies that moms tell kids

Threatening kids with the police? Lying about seeing everything? You don't brush your teeth, you will get a 1000 needles in your tongue! All the lies mums tell kids! guilty as charged!

6. When they turned super advice-ey

How not to screw your kids up — say "No" a lot. Talking about parenting that celebrates every basic thing that a child does — like putting dishes in a dishwasher needs no parade!

7. First baby vs the third baby

Pregnancy turns hillarious! Symptoms, excitement differences and maternity clothes, all of the truths revealed! Let's not forget the pregnancy reveals.

8. When they made toddler tantrums real AF

The "Tantrum Experts" decode how to un-detonate the time bombs that are toddlers! Are you sick of the NO?! Rolling over, possession doubts? Biting, stomping, knocking things over? Yep, they know this too.

9. When they watched The Bachelorette

In this one, they compare their children to the contestants while they are the bachelorettes! It may seem like a good idea when every body wants you but then when you get back home with the one you pick, every one that is left out need special attention. Post baby's-day-out dates, relatable?

10. When motherhood was like a hangover

Motherhood is basically one massive hangover without the drinking and the fun, they say. "You wake up in the morning, your brain is a little bit groggy and you didn't sleep a lot. And... you definitely do not look good." These two talk about their how motherhood is like the morning after. Need we say more?


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