10 Most common personality traits of a cheater

10 Most common personality traits of a cheater

Cheaters cheat and there's really no justification for this behavior. The best you could do is prevent it by watching out for the signs.

Some people cheat, they just can't help it and no matter how hard you try, you can never change them. They cannot be trusted and even if we end up putting our trust in them, they break it anyway.

It's not that they are bad people but it's just their personalities that made them that way. We have all had experiences with such people and we are better off without them in our lives.

We are not saying that everyone, who displays these traits are cheaters, but these are good indicators to be forewarned. Also, it holds for both men and women. Here, we have 10 signs that can help identify cheaters so that you are not betrayed by their presence in your life.

#1 Lack of respect

A person who is bound to cheat would show the first signs of losing interest when they don't respect you as a person. This behavior would be evident in almost all aspects of their lives.

They would have the least respect for their friends, they may even not respect their family so if they end up disrespecting you, it should not come as a surprise. The way they treat others is a good indicator of their overall personality.

#2 Superficial

One way to understand someone is to notice the things they like talking about. Cheaters, by their very nature, are superficial and if they were not, they would never cheat in the first place. So if you find someone talking about material things, outer beauty and looks, more than about the qualities of a person, beware, they may be inclined to cheat.

If outer beauty is what attracts them then they would always find someone better looking than you and would start chasing them. Are they worth it?

#3 Distorted self-image

People with a tendency to cheat usually have a distorted self-image. They live in a grand delusion which they create about themselves. They are usually not capable of seeing things from other people's point of view and insist on imposing their own versions on others.

If you notice someone acting this way and if they talk about how incredible they are and what things they have achieved etc. chances are that they are too self-engrossed to notice your value. Step away from them silently.

#4 Flirtatious

Cheaters have a way of charming people. They thrive on flirtation, they love getting romantic with anyone they find interesting and they do it blatantly. You may be in a relationship with them but that would not stop them from brazenly flirting with someone else.

Now, you may try to let it slide but after a certain point, you would realize that it's a habit and not a one-off thing. Watch out, and if you grow uncomfortable with time, break it off and move on.

#5 Insecure

The fact that they have a distorted self-image which is starkly different from reality, they have a problem accepting things the way they are. This leads to highly insecure feelings and a continuous urge for validation. This validation they seek through persistent flirtation and cheating behaviors.

It is like a vicious cycle where they cheat, become insecure and cheat again. So if you find a person highly insecure and yet acting too confident, keep a watch on them.


#6 Demanding

People with an inherent inclination to cheat would be extremely demanding. It does not mean that demanding people are cheaters but that cheaters demand more from you than they are willing to give you, in turn.

Their constant need for validation and their lack of commitment to others makes them look for reasons to cheat and they will keep pestering you with unreasonable demands so that you slip and they find an excuse to cheat.

#7 Jealousy

Cheaters are one of the biggest hypocrites you could encounter in your life. They may cheat on you but they never expect you to cheat on them. This may also be due to their distorted self-image which does not account for someone else doing the same to them.

They may get jealous at the most trivial things and since they are also insecure, it would further fuel their jealousy making them insufferable. It's really not worth spending even a minute of your time with them.

#8 Manipulation

Cheaters exist and thrive because they have mastered the art of manipulation. They are smooth talkers and charmers and have a way with words which would keep you firmly trapped. They would resort to emotional blackmail, they would play the victim card and lie to your face with an utmost sincerity which would convince you of their innocence. It is difficult to spot but the moment you do, step away and think. 

#9 Deception

They not only manipulate, they also deceive. They would create a persona based on your likes and dislikes which would make them feel irresistible. You would be convinced of their good intentions and you would be attracted towards them. The one thing we could say for an indication is that if it seems too good to be true, be slightly alert. They may be on to something sinister.

#10 Narcissism 

Everything in the world, as far as cheaters are concerned, is about them. They assume that the world revolves around them and all they have to do is say the word and people would do their bidding. If someone is a narcissist, they would always place their interest over yours and if they are interested in someone else, they would not hesitate in cheating on you.

Narcissism is one of the poorest qualities to have, as a person, and cheaters have this trait in abundance. If you find someone who is this self-involved, move away. The chances of them cheating on you are extremely high.



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