'Home and Away' star Jessica Falkholt dies after family decides to turn off life support

The Boxing Day horror crash that wiped out Jessica's entire family off the face of this planet has now taken her life as well. After slipping into a coma and being held in intensive care, the actress has succumbed to her injuries.

A day after her beloved parents and sister were laid to rest on Wednesday, Home and Away actress Jessica Falkholt died as her family and friends decided to turn off her life support. The entire family was involved in a horrific crash that took place in New South Wales on December 26.

The close-knit Falkholt family was driving home to Sydney up the Princes Highway after a short festive break when they met with a head-on collision that had previously killed Jessica's parents, Lars, 69, and Vivian, 60 and her sister Annabelle, 21.

Left to right: The Falkholt Family - Lars, 69, Vivian, 60, Annabelle, 21, and Jessica, 28 (Source: Facebook)

Jessica's parents passed away on the spot when their car went up in flames. Annabelle and Jessica herself were pulled out of the wreckage minutes before the explosion devoured her parents. Annabelle was flown to Liverpool Hospital where she remained in a critical condition before passing away three days after the crash. 

Annabelle Falkholt, 21, passed away three days after the horrific incident. (Source: Facebook)

"Jessica and Annabelle had shared a beautiful bond and they were inseparable sisters who truly cared for one another. They had such a strong sister bond. They are seriously close sisters. I feel Jessica would have known her sister has passed," a relative of the family mentioned on the passing away of Annabelle.

Jessica had undergone major surgeries since the crash but remained in a coma. The decision to switch off her life support came a day after Jessica's family was laid to rest in what was an emotional and heartbreaking funeral on Wednesday. Her devastated family had their hopes while they kept a bedside vigil in the Intensive Care Unit at St George's hospital where Jessica remained in a sleep-induced coma.

Jessica Falkholt dies after family decided to switch off her life support. (Source: Seven)

Relatives of the family had earlier reported to Daily Mail Australia that the operation that was conducted on her brain had gone well and they were waiting for the results of the surgery. 

Hundreds of friends and family gathered at St Marys Catholic Church for the funeral of Lars, his wife Vivian, and their daughter Annabelle. Their loss was mourned and their existence remembered. Jordan Brohier, the boyfriend of Annabelle who had his heart broken, had paid a heartfelt tribute on Facebook for the 'love of his life,' when she had passed away. 

Lars, Vivian, and Annabelle were remembered by hundreds of family and friends at St Mary's Catholic Church at Concord in Sydney's west on Wednesday. (Source: matrixnews.com.au)

They were remembered by hundreds of friends and family. (Source: matrixnews.com.au)

Jordan led pallbearers as they carried her coffin out of the church. Dressed in black, his sorrow was evidently heartbreaking and emotional. With his face buried in his hands, he was comforted by friends as he loaded her casket into a hearse that was ready to be taken away for burial. 

Jordan Brohier (pictured), the shattered boyfriend of Annabelle Falkholt mourning her death. (Source: matrixnews.com.au)

Jordan's sorrow is evident and heartbreaking (Source: Rex/Shutterstock)

Lars and Vivian's coffins were adorned with white flowers while pink flowers on that of Annabelle's.

Vivian's brother Paul Ponticello told the service that this would be a Christmas that would haunt the family forever. 

"It is a day that will be difficult to erase from our memory," he said.

"Their lives on this earth ending on a highway makes absolutely no sense."


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