Millionaire dad got strippers for his son on his 12th birthday, and everyone is totally freaked out

Millionaire dad got strippers for his son on his 12th birthday, and everyone is totally freaked out

The internet says that if the situation had been reversed (12-year-old daughter and male strippers) he wouldn't have even considered the situation as normal

When you're 12 years old, all you want for your birthday is probably a gaming console or a trip with your friends somewhere or something that 12-year-olds want these days. I don't know.

12-year-olds do not expect to get strippers as a birthday present (YouTube)

There was one "multimillionaire" father who takes the cake when it comes to inappropriate presents for children. He stood head and shoulders above all other dads when it came to not knowing what the hell he's doing.

The father is a multimillionaire (YouTube)

The father, identity unknown, got his son strippers for his 12th birthday as a present. 

The man's identity has not been revealed but his gift isn't appropriate (YouTube)

A video of the party leaked online and it shows the strippers dancing for and with the boy. The party reportedly took place in the US but it is unknown who the man is and exactly where the party was held.

The father encouraged his son to dance with the strippers (YouTube)

There was a segment of the video which shows the boy being visibly uncomfortable when the strippers dance for him. The boy is sitting on a chair and one stripper is giving him a lap dance while the other one is standing behind him.

The boy looks visibly uncomfortable (YouTube)

The woman on his lap also shoves her breasts in the boy's face multiple times.

He was made to touch the stripper's breasts (YouTube)

Spanish-language news outlets were the first ones to pick up on the video and reported it. Although Spanish outlet, LaVanguardia, reports that the father is a multimillionaire, it is not known what the nationality of the family is or where the video was filmed.

It's not known where this was filmed (YouTube)

Throughout the video, you can see the father encouraging his son to dance with the strippers or take part in whatever they are doing. 

The father keeps smiling and practically throws his son onto the strippers (YouTube)

The boy is seen getting a lap dance and at another moment, he's with his own shirt off dancing with one of the strippers. The father is smiling encouragingly at him.

The nationality of the family is not known either (YouTube)

The video has been all over YouTube at this point and users have seriously questioned the father's parenting capabilities. 

A lot of people on the internet have condemned the man's actions (YouTube)

The father got a lot of heat from social media after the video went public with a lot of commentators on YouTube calling his gift to his son inappropriate.

Commentators on YouTube have called the man's "gift" inappropriate (YouTube)

Estrella TV, a Spanish-speaking TV channel that is there in the US, claims that the father did this because he hoped to turn his son into a man.

It is not known if the family will be identified due to their millionaire status. Media outlets have said that the identity has not been revealed but that doesn't mean they do not know who they are (YouTube)

Many people have said that pre-pubescent children like the boy in the video should not be sexualized in such a way and a lot of people are actually sating that it was sexual abuse of a child.

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