Your weekly horoscope is here: Here's what the stars have to say

This week will make you reach out for your wallet and empty it. Between September 11 and 17, you will be motivated to indulge in all kinds of luxuries and being practical will be the last thing on your mind. The next few days will also snap you out of your hazy, wonderful dream and force you to take a long, hard look at relationships and whether they're worth it. Here's what else is in store for you:


Reality will sink in hard for you, dear Aries but don't worry, the stars will be kind to you. You will be forced to relook at relationships, friendships and business partnerships you eagerly signed on. You will put the brakes on things that speeded up in the past week and this will help you make a better assessment of where you are. If a relationship hasn't been working for you, try talking about your issues this week as you will be diplomatic with your words. Towards the middle of the week, you will revisit your diet and focus on one aspect of wellness. A few days later, romance will take hold of your life again and you may play out your sexual fantasies. Everything looks exciting, Aries!


It's all about intimacy and some humility this week, Taurus. Your mind will veer towards the comfort and stability that family and friends bring. For this reason, you might gather them under one roof and throw a casual dinner party. In your relationships, you will want to communicate better with your beloved. You might have been oblivious to how they feel so it's better to reach in, find the word sorry and say it to the one you love. On the work front, it's time to up the game a bit because all eyes will be on you the next few days.


If love and romance haven't been working out in your favour then things look up this week. Venus, the planet of love joins Saturn in your third house of love and the result? You will be motivated to take your relationship to the next level and we're talking about making your feelings known or moving in together or even putting a ring on it to solidify your relationship. This loved up phase will begin on Tuesday so it's essential you make your feelings known. Singles could go on interesting dates or find a number of them on dating apps. While your mind is filled with romantic thoughts, don't ignore the ones closest to you. Someone close to you might feel neglected but depend on earthy Saturn to help you make a clear distinction between neediness and genuine need for help.


As you enter this week, long-term savings and finances take hold of your life. Venus, the planet of love also stands for profits and the planet's combination with Saturn will make you take a long, hard look at your expenditure and investments. You might just want to double up the money you have and if you feel so, fix a meeting with a financial advisor. At work, put in that hard work so it may result in better profits. You might be pulled into office gossip this week but don't let out secrets- it could be used against you and a friendship could be in jeopardy. On Sunday, you could have an unexpected work meeting so keep your ideas ready, your plans well-charted and charm your business partners with what you bring to the table.