Want that drunk feeling, but don't want to drink? Then this crazy contraption is for you

Want that drunk feeling, but don't want to drink? Then this crazy contraption is for you

If you're the kind who retches immediately after drinking alcohol, welcome to the club. Gone are the days of wild partying and still handling it like a pro. However, if you do want to experience the madness without having to puke your living guts out or becoming sloppy post your drinking session, here's what you can do: inhale alcohol.

When we first read about the concept, it made us do a double take. But we can safely say that this is the future of drinking and an exciting one too. Victor Wong and Harley Chesal, (Harley is the founder of retailer company Vapshot and Wong is the creator and founder of the Alcohol Mist machine) discovered a method of changing a drop of liquor into millions of intoxicating micro-droplets. And if we are to believe them, it looks like these micro-droplets can take you back to your "young, wild and free" days with less than half the amount of liquor.

Inhale alcohol mist and have double the fun without a hangover.

Image Source: Vapshot/Facebook

“Alcohol mist can be inhaled and absorbed into the lungs straight up. It spreads directly into the bloodstream. You’ll feel the buzz instantly,” Wong reveals in an interview with the therooster.com.

“With drinking alcohol, one has to go through all bodily functions before it’s metabolized and kicks in. So many people make the mistake of thinking ‘I can’t feel anything yet!’ and pound a dozen more shots,” he explained. “Because you feel the alcohol mist doing its magic immediately, you’re more efficient, more in control, and you won’t over-consume at any cost."

Vapshot has become very popular with partygoers in USA.
Image Source: Facebook/Vapshot

We are already brimming with excitement. And that's not the best part! This device makes it possible to bypass the horrible, unpleasant hangover along with the calories, liver damage, and sloppiness that come with drinking alcohol!

Vapshot being administered to a reveler.

Image Source: Facebook/Vapshot

It all sounds great, but the apparent Achilles' heel in the grand scheme of alcohol vapor is the short duration of the buzz. Employing the same devices that Austin, Texas sheriffs use for testing DUI or Driving Under Influence, Wong analyzed that after one shot of alcohol mist, your blood alcohol content would be anything between .04 to .05 (below the legal limit which is .08). On the contrary, one round of the mist will last for a maximum of 30 minutes. Wong adds, "The feeling is certainly different. You get more of a euphoric feeling than a drunk feeling and more of a giggly excitement than a drunken daze.”

“Sure, it doesn’t last as long, but unless you’re on a drunken bender, 3-4 hours is enough for most people,” Wong adds humorously. Chesal echoes this sentiment and agrees with him completely.

Vapshot machines at display

Image Source: Facebook/Vapshot

Despite the short duration of the 'drunken' feeling, Chesal and Wong reveal that the popularity of the device is increasing rapidly. They are now looking forward to balloons full of alcoholic mist that will make partygoers buzzing with happiness by the end of this year. Cost effective, quick, and without the vile side-effects to bring us down the next day— what is there not to like about the alcohol machine.

Vapshot counter at a music festival.

Image Source: Facebook/ Vapshot

We can't wait to get our hands on this kick-ass device! Here's what it really looks like with the machines:

Does the idea excite you? What's your style for consuming alcohol? Share your views with us in the comment section.