Woman tests Tinder matches with photos of her when she was heavier and the results are shocking

Woman tests Tinder matches with photos of her when she was heavier and the results are shocking

Crystal Breeze has revealed the judgmental world of dating through a social experiment

Did you ever wonder if your partner would love you the same if you put on like a hundred pounds? It appears that this blogger did. Crystal Adame, a 20-year-old Californian vlogger, decided to investigate if her Tinder matches would feel the same way about her if she weighed about 98 pounds more than her present weight.

Crystal Breeze. (Source: Instagram)

Her photos didn't need to be digitally enhanced as well, she actually did weigh that much at a point in life. She has now revealed her experience on YouTube.

Before and after. (Source: Instagram)

She posted the above photo with a caption on Instagram saying, "Reading through some old journal entries really made me realize my worth. I used to be so depressed and so suicidal because of the way people used to talk about me and treat me because of my weight. I know so many people go through the same thing and it sucks. I remember laying in bed at night almost every day crying because I didn’t want to live anymore.

To some people, this might look like two different girls but I’m still the same girl in the first picture as I am in the second picture, just a little less naïve. Yet most still look at both pictures and judge them separately even though it’s the same girl. Our society is corrupt and it’s sad. I want to let every single person reading this now that you’re beautiful no matter the size, you should strive to be healthy and be a better you. But don’t let other people cloud your judgment on how incredible you are big or small."

She weighed about 98 pounds more than what she is now. (Source: Instagram)

Adame, whose online persona is called Crystal Breeze, went on a rigorous weight loss plan in the beginning of January last year.  She's now garnered plenty of attention from everyone on the internet, but she was left wondering if they would still be into her if they saw who she used to be.

(Source: Instagram)

She said, “I’m going to be on Tinder with current pics and then make a profile with old pictures and kind of see the outcome I get, kind of see the response I get.”

(Source: Instagram)

Armed with a variety of her latest photos that she was using on her recent profile, she said that she would swipe right on whoever came up to get the most number of feedbacks.

After getting her matches, she started texting some of her matches. She then casually started flirting and telling them that her photos may not be her real ones and that there was a chance they were getting cheated.

(Source: Instagram)

Now, she swapped her recent pics for her older ones - the ones where she weighed more and waited. She then asked the matches who had liked her initially if they are still into her now that she had pics with a plus size. Lo and behold, one match instantly unmatched her while another user realized that it was her but at an earlier time in life.

(Source: Instagram)

One non-judgmental user sent her a message saying she was attractive and asked her out. He is said to have written that he was all about inner beauty. “It’s not about the outside, but the inside anyway”.

Crystal was impressed and told him the truth, saying that she wasn't actually the way she looked and that they were old photos and revealed who she really was. He was told that it was a part of a social test that she was conducting.

(Source: Instagram)

Crystal came clean to all the guys who had matched with her when she had put up her recent pictures. She said that not all of them were too pleased with her for being used as a part of a social experiment video. Thinking back, she said, “I didn’t expect the reaction I got from the few guys that gave me the reactions. I didn’t expect this outcome.

(Source: Instagram)

“Yes there were people who unmatched with me but I just thought it was so interesting. I definitely think that was a better route than just switching my pictures and telling people that the other pictures were fake.”

“I didn’t expect those couple of guys to be like, ‘oh you're cute’.”

She also confessed that she didn't imagine any man liking her for her old weight, but she was pleasantly surprised.

(Source: Instagram)

She said, “The outcome that I got was, yes, there are guys who will like you either way and you wouldn’t be upset with it.

“If you’re a heavier set person, and you’re fine with being a heavier set person or you’re upset about it, don’t be because there are guys who can be sweet about it.

“Join Tinder, they’re on there, I promise.”

Watch her experiment below:

Boys, next time you swipe left on a girl for being so called fat or judge her because of her weight when you talk, think again. She may just turn out to be the woman of your dreams.

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