What does your favourite food say about you?

What does your favourite food say about you?

This is what your favorite food says about you.

Our food preferences are partly by choice and partly derived from the food which we grew up eating. As we developed ourselves and tried new things, we adopted a different taste for different cuisines and gradually it became a part of our identity. Our food preferences, therefore, are intimately connected with our personalities and our tastes do reveal a lot about the kind of people we are. Here, we have the ten most common cuisines from around the world. Pick your favorite and find out what it says about you.

#1 Indian

Indian food is spicy and is an explosion of taste. If Indian food is your favorite cuisine then you are the kind of person who thrives on variety. You like mixing things up and adding spice to your life. You are not the one to be satisfied by the blandness of life and you keep looking for new adventures to add to your experience. You absolutely hate dull moments and prefer a life which is exciting, new, and filled with mouth-watering goodness.

#2 Mediterranean

The Mediterranean food is simple yet very close to nature. The cuisine is usually made from the freshest ingredients and is not too heavy on the stomach. If this is your favorite cuisine then you are the kind of person who believes in the simplicity of life. You have an amazing taste which is elegant rather than gaudy. Nature's lap is your true home and you are most comfortable either in seclusion or in the company of your closest ones. You are substance rather than style.

#3 Chinese

Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world and has an ancient history attached to it. If Chinese is your favorite food then you are the kind of person who likes doing different things and gathering different experiences. Your personality has multiple dimensions to it and you easily adapt yourself to a situation and act accordingly. Your adaptability also makes you quite diplomatic and you have a good understanding of what to say in which situation. You are tactful, discreet, and most importantly, smart enough to pull it off.

#4 Japanese

Japanese food is prepared with meticulous techniques and with utmost perfection. If Japanese cuisine is your favorite then you have an organized, meticulous, and an efficient personality. You are driven and punctual by nature. You are also brilliant at planning and strategizing. Further, you are deeply attached to your roots and you have the utmost respect for your family. Smart, driven, and respectful, you are uniquely rare.

#5 French

French cuisine consists of layers of tastes and takes a high level of skill to prepare. If French is your favorite cuisine then your personality is not only gentle but also sophisticated. You are someone who likes the finer things in life and you have a taste which is truly refined. Nothing but the best works for you and your desire for perfection is what drives you eternally. Smooth, suave, and modern, your personality is everyone's envy.

#6 Continental

Continental food is the cuisine prepared across Europe and has one of the most diverse foods in it. If this is your favorite cuisine then you are an explorer and an adventurer. You have a soul which seeks new adventures and finds its home away from the mundane routine of life. You need novelty in your life to keep going and each day which adds no value to your experience is a day wasted as far as you are concerned. 

#7 Fast food

You are the kind of person who lives on-the-go. You are active, agile, and forever moving forward. You love food but you also value your time so you pick the food which satisfies both. The sheer variety of the cuisine means that you are never bored of eating the same thing and yet you are always ready for your next event. You love the way your life is and you understand that there is not a single moment to waste, so you live, eat, and laugh like every day is a brand new adventure.

#8 Italian

Italian food is simple yet complicated as it has multiple layers of taste to it. If Italian is your favorite cuisine then you have a personality which is incredibly diverse. You can be the funniest person if you want to or the wisest when you choose to. Your personality is unpredictable in a way that you can change as per the situation. This adds a mysterious elegance to your persona. You have a rustic sense of charm to your personality and this is what makes you so incredibly attractive.

#9 Mexican

Mexican food is spicy, hot, and like crackers in your mouth. If Mexican is your favorite cuisine then you have a spontaneous, playful, and flamboyant personality. You are laid-back and relaxed by nature and you take life one step at a time. Calm and composed, you are not easily agitated by adversity as you know that you can handle your the heat in your life exactly the way you handle the heat in your food, through a calm and cool head.

#10 American

American food can range from anywhere from fries to steaks to burgers. The purpose of American food is to instill the sense of freedom in you to eat whatever you wish to without giving it a second thought. Your personality, therefore, thrives on the freedom of your heart and soul. You are a free bird and you live life exactly the way you want to. You are not the one to conform to society and are born with a sense of rebel in you. It's either your way or the highway and nothing more or nothing less.

This is what your preference reveals about your personality and as we develop more tastes, we acquire different traits as well. We keep adding different dimensions to our personalities and we gradually become the people we were supposed to be. 

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