What does the breed of your dog say about the kind of person you are?

What does the breed of your dog say about the kind of person you are?

Why do you own the dog that you own?

Dogs are the best (no offense meant to cats) and every dog lover would attest to the fact that they are the greatest companions one could have. Their loyalty, courage, and friendliness make them irresistible and one can't help but hug these little angels. Dogs, as people, do have their own personalities and a dog owner is inherently attracted towards a dog, to keep as a pet, which matches their own personalities. A good dog-master match is necessary for a comfortable relationship and the fact is that the dog you keep does say a lot about who you are as a person.

(PS: It obviously does not apply to those who have more than one kind of dog.)

#1 Bulldog: Calm, courageous and friendly

Bulldogs are one of the sweetest dogs to have and despite their ferocious looks, they are one of the calmest dogs to be found. They are friendly and courageous and loyal to a fault. If you have a bulldog then there is a very good chance that you too have a calm personality and your courage remains hidden until you need to show it. You are friendly without a doubt but your true gentleness lies beneath your tough exterior.

#2 German Shepherd: Smart, confident and courageous

Smart and confident, German Shepherds are known to be fiercely protective of their family. They are known to sense danger and act instantly, thereby keeping the family safe and secure. If you have a German Shepherd as your pet then clearly the safety of your family is your prime concern. You'd rather sacrifice yourself than let any harm come to them. Your loyalty to your family is what makes you the person you are.

#3 Beagle: Merry, friendly and curious

Beagles are one of the smartest dogs around and they are extremely curious by nature. If you own a Beagle then there is a good possibility that you too have an explorer in you. You are the sort of person who would like to try new experiences, visit new places and know about new things. Your curiosity and your merry nature make your personality irresistibly charming and incredibly wonderful to be around.

#4 Golden Retriever: Intelligent, friendly, devoted

Golden retrievers are not only friendly and warm, they are also highly intelligent. Bred to retrieve hunt, they have evolved a great sense awareness about their surroundings and are highly adaptable. If a retriever is your pet then your sense of adaptability is truly commendable. You know how to sense your environment, understand any changes in it and adapt to bring out the very best of your performance. Alert to your surrounding, your sensitive nature is what makes your personality so lovable.

#5 Labrador: Friendly, active and outgoing

Labradors are one of the most adventurous and outgoing dogs who love the outdoors. Always alert and active, they are in sync with nature and can yet be one of the homeliest dogs ever. Your personality too is more on the adventurous side of life. Being lost in the lap of nature is something you love and if there's one thing you'd like to do more than anything else, it is to be in a place away from the world with just your love and your sweet labrador.

#6 Chihuahua: Cute, charming and sassy

Chihuahuas are spunky little dogs with sassy personality. They are cute and can be extremely charming with their cute little faces and eyes. If a chihuahua is your pet then you have a personality which is spontaneous, funny and flamboyant. You are the kind of person who lives in the moment and you hate carrying emotional baggage. What's done is done, is how you roll, forever looking for your next adventure.

#7 Dachshund: Spunky, curious and friendly

Dachshunds, like chihuahuas, have been blessed with an active and spunky personality. They love playing their games and are also very curious by nature. If a Dachshund is your pet, then you share with them, their sense of curiosity. Playful by nature, you are more on the extrovert side and love a good outing with your friends. 'What's new?' is the question that drives you as you look to find new chapters to add to your life.

#8 Poodle: Proud, active and very smart

Poodles are known to be a proud species and are almost sophisticated (if dogs could be so). A poodle as a pet says that you are a person who likes the finer things in life. You love things which are classy and elegant. Chances are that you are more of a thinker, an intellectual and someone who understands beauty better than most. Your taste, too, is one of a kind and exceptional in every sense of the word.

#9 Rottweiler: Loyal, loving and a confident guardian 

Looks deceive and Rottweilers are more feared than appreciated for the ferocity they carry in the way they look. A rottweiler for a pet says that you are a person who does not like revealing their inner self to everyone and are usually on guard against people you don't trust. But for those you care for, there's no better guardian and protector than you and if worse comes to worse, you would rip apart anyone who threatens your loved ones, caring least for the safety of yourself.

#10 Siberian Husky: Mischievous, loyal and outgoing

Siberian Huskies are true beauties and as loyal as they are, they could also be very naughty. If you have a husky as a pet then chances are that you too have a mischievous side to your personality. You can be serious when needed but you'd never shy away from a good prank or sport. You are outgoing and kind but the one thing that defines you is your sense of keen observation and your willingness to act on it.

#11 Doberman: Alert, fearless and loyal

If fearlessness was a dog, a Doberman would be the face of it. Extremely loyal to the master, a Doberman would gladly sacrifice itself to protect its family. If a Doberman is your pet then there's a good chance that you are an active person, someone who loves the outdoors and feels one with nature. You are kind but alert and ferocious when it comes to protecting the ones you love. Loyalty being your drive, it takes a lot to earn your trust but once earned, it remains for life.

#12 Shih Tzu: Outgoing, affectionate and playful

Shih Tzus are sweet little dogs and are extremely friendly. A great family dog, they are cute, active and playful. If you have a Shih Tzu for a pet then chances are that you like the sunny side of life. You are optimistic and always admire a good laugh. You love joking around, having fun and spending time with the ones you love. You are not the one for drama but your sense of humor never disappoints.

#13 Corgi: Smart, alert and affectionate

Corgis are really smart dogs and despite their small size, they are extremely active and quite inquisitive. If you own a corgi then you too are a person driven by curiosity. A loving personality, your charm lies in the way you treat others with kindness and patience. Your gentle side is what attracts people towards you but it is the sweet things that you do for others that defines who you are as a person.

#14 Cocker Spaniel: Happy, smart and gentle

A cocker spaniel is a gentle breed, kind towards kids, loving towards the family and happy by nature. If you have a cocker spaniel as a pet then chances are that you too have a happy personality. You love smiling at people, cracking a joke and love having a good time all around. People are inevitably attracted towards your sunshine nature and love you for the joy you spread so selflessly in their lives.

#15 Mastiff: Courageous, dignified and good-natured

Mastiffs are big dogs with massive personalities. Despite being huge, they are extremely gentle and have a very dignified presence. If you have a mastiff for a pet then you there's a good chance that you too are seen as someone worth respecting and listening to. Your personality carries the gravity of knowledge and experience making you appear humble, honest and truly dignified in every sense of the word.

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