These are 7 reasons why you will NEVER forget your dog!

These are 7 reasons why you will NEVER forget your dog!

Our pets mean a lot to us and here are some reasons why we will never forget them

For most people who have pets, it is very obvious that you love your dog and your dog loves you. People with pets tend to depend on their pets for happiness and joy. Dogs are known to be man's best friend and they are known to love their human master/s unconditionally. 

A new study was published in the journal Science which reveals why we feel extremely attached to our dogs. When humans and dogs look into each other's eyes both the sides experience a burst of oxytocin which is the feel-good hormone. This is the same hormone which is responsible for the special bonds parents and children share. 

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The researchers conducted a survey which had 30 dog and human pairs who were invited to the lab. The pair was required to look into each other's eyes and give urine samples. The oxytocin levels were measured and in the end, it was observed that dogs had a 130% rise in the oxytocin levels, while the owners showed a 300% increase. 

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People do not really need a survey to know how much they love their pet. After a point, your dog tends to become a part of your family and the bond that is built is unbreakable.

These are 9 possible reasons as to why you will never forget your dog and that your dog will always be an important part of your life: 

#9 They are always happy to see you

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Even if you stepped out of the house to go pick up groceries, they will be extremely happy and excited to see you. The best feeling in the world is to open the door of your house and see your pet standing there wagging its tail like crazy. It makes a person feel very loved and special and who does not want that?

#8 Their safety is always on your mind

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You could be having the time of your life elsewhere but there is one thing for sure which is you are always thinking of whether your dog is okay and whether they are safe. Somehow, their safety is always on your mind and is your topmost priority. You need to know that they are all right.

#7 Your dog will always want you to be happy

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No matter what the situation is your dog would always want you to be happy and smiling. The one thing that can really bring your pet down is when you are down and feeling low. Your pet may not be able to show the feeling as much as you would like but that does not mean that they are not sad when you are sad. 

#6 Dogs are loyal to the very end

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Dogs are probably the most loyal creatures on earth and the only ones apart from your mother who would love you unconditionally. Once the dog has chosen you to be the master, they will never turn their back on you and leave. It is in the nature of dogs to be emotionally attached and loyal. 

#5 Your dog is only one who truly understands you

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It is not always true that you can rely on your friends and family but you can rely on your dog to keep you feeling happy, loved, and not alone. You will notice certain behavioral traits in your dog which show you that even though your pet won't have a solution, they will always feel sad if they sense that you are sad. 

#4 Pets always appreciate your efforts

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The thing about humans is, it is very easy to start to take things for granted and this will often result in someone getting hurt. When it comes to your pets, on the other hand, every single effort whether it is big or small, pets will always appreciate whatever it is that you are doing for them. 

#3 They are the best stress busters

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Being around your dog is the best stress buster you could ever get. The feeling of being able to depend on your dog really makes most pet lovers very happy. Your dog will understand and get your vibe. They can sense if you are happy or whether you have had a tough day and will do what it takes to change your mood around. 

#2 Your dog's world revolves around you

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To your dog, you are the one and only true love and nothing else apart from you matters to them. The way your pet sits and waits for you to return from work, or the way your pet comes for a cuddle when he can sense that something is not right. The point is that you are the only important thing to your pet. 

#1 It is possible to be closer to your dog than anyone else

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People should not feel bad or awkward if they find that they have a closer relationship with a dog than with any other human. Humans can be judgemental and can also hurt you whereas dogs will never hurt you unless it's by accident. Dogs will always be there by your side and so if all else fails, you can count on your dog.

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