Everything you need to know about Swingfields, the world's largest swinger festival

Everything you need to know about Swingfields, the world's largest swinger festival

The UK is not shy about boasting one of the best festival calendars in the world. But there is one festival that seems to be hidden from the media, until now. The festival goes by the name of "Swingfields" and is a self-proclaimed "original and biggest UK festival for swingers". 

But there are a couple of reasons that till date this festival has managed to stay away from the spotlight. To begin with, this is an "Adults Only" event and in order to ensure that it stays that way, people are asked to show their ID when they buy a ticket and when they attend the event. 

This festival is held on a private land and the location is sent only to ticket-holders via a secure link. It is an invite-only event which means there is no way for you or anyone else to sneak in if you don't have a ticket. In a way, the ticket is your golden pass to the event. At the same time, the tickets are only accessible to those who are actively involved in "the lifestyle". 

A three day ticket for a lone female costs £115.50 as opposed to £170 for a man.

According to the Swinging Glossary, the term swinging includes people that are sexually open-minded in general. This three-day event consists of a variety of events such as DJ nights, singing, dancing and a number of games for members to choose from. However, the event cannot be captured by anyone as the use of phones, cameras or any other gadget is strictly not allowed.  

Upon arrival, the guests have to go through tight security and collect their welcome packs before pitching their tents and getting settled in. Around the tents, the members of this event are fed and watered with bars, stalls, food vendors and other facilities where they can relax and have a good time.  

Swingfield is accepting of everyone and makes you feel that way as well. Once you are in the event, the crowd welcomes everyone from LGBTQ groups to guests of all orientations, tastes, and fetishes.

The event also pays close attention to health and safety and any person who is seen disrespecting the rules of the event will be immediately thrown out. At the same time, you will be surprised to know that this entire event is a sober one with one of the lowest alcohol spends per head of almost any festival.

The event also has its own set of glossary for people to find it easy to find their way through the event. With words such as Full Swap (when couples fully swaps partners, including intercourse), Same Room (couples that are interested in having sex with their partner in the same room another couple is having sex and watching each other), and 27 other words, the event has its own language. 

At the event, the men are referred to as Bulls (a guy that is just in for casual sex with a woman, either single or part of a couple). Men that are considered "Bulls" are typically well-endowed. On the other hand, women are referred to as Unicorns (a single woman in the Lifestyle). They are called Unicorns because they are pretty rare, and many have never seen one!  

Their site also gives tips for swinging such as how to build a profile, making a self-choice and others. There are other guides available for new members which discuss how a new guest or a single gentleman can survive the Swingfield event.

With questions such as how can a single man book a ticket, to what "action" will they get, the answers are there for the new member. 

This event will take place from June 28, 2018 until July 1, 2018.


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