Not so excited about the holidays? Here are 9 kinds of joys you can give yourself

Not so excited about the holidays? Here are 9 kinds of joys you can give yourself

Whether you are spending this holiday season alone or with family, you might not be as excited about it like quite a few folks do feel around this time. Here are nine gifts you can give yourself to lift your spirit and welcome the new year with more cheer and zest.

This holiday season, irrespective of whether you spending it with your loved ones or alone away from home, there are some great gifts you can give yourself. Check off items in this list and see how you feel by the end of it. I can bet that you'll feel not just better but excited about a whole new year that gives you opportunities for little joys and big breaks.

You can gift yourself:

9. The warmth of an old friendship

Say hello to an old friend you've not kept in touch with. It could be a friend, previous neighbor, or a relative you haven't spoken to in a long time. There is someone out there who will feel special when they receive a call or note from someone thinking of them this festive season. It could even be your kid's nanny who you don't meet anymore or an ex-assistant or chauffeur. Sending across warmth through a small gift or just a card will make two souls a tad bit happier this winter. 

Visit or write to someone you haven't met in a long time (Shutterstock)

8. The satisfaction of completing something long due

Do something that you've always wanted to try. (Shutterstock)

Is there something you have been wanting to do or check off your list? Take it up and complete it to give yourself the satisfaction of having accomplished it. It needn't be something big and once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing like climbing a mountain. Remember those odd notes we make to ourselves? Check out the pottery workshop, try that recipe from grandma's recipe book, clean the cycle and go for a ride along the woods. Pick one of these and complete it. You'll feel good and your year will just feel a tad bit more complete.

7. The joy of innocence

It doesn't matter if it's your niece, a neighbor's child or a kitten. Choose to spend an hour with them and be open to see the world through their eyes. There's something refreshing and nourishing when you spend time with a child or animal that is yet to be polluted by the ways of the world. Take him or her for a stroll and play in the park. Or, visit an animal shelter and give the furry creatures some warm hugs this winter. They'll appreciate it and you'll go back beaming.

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6. Gay abandon

Plan a day of complete abandon; well, that does sound like an oxymoron. But consciously set aside that's free of all responsibilities and obligations. Your primary agenda is to feel good. Whether this is waking up late, putting on some relaxing music and running a warm bubble bath, or staying bed wrapped in soft comforters watching your favorite shows, hold no judgment. Go on and take in the pleasure of doing nothing.

Gift yourself the joy of doing nothing (Pinterest)

5. Gratitude

Write down the things that you are grateful for. Now that the year is coming to an end, spend some time thanking life for everything you are grateful for this year. If you can't recollect as many, take a look at the photos on your phone or drive to give you a timeline of memories, or see your planner month-wise to recollect events.

Thanking Life for the people, events, and positive changes that greeted you in 2017 is a great way to welcome 2018. Of course, for some people, this year may have brought in losses. While it is really hard to see the positive side, feeling grateful for the memories and good times with the person sends a silent blessing to them and makes you feel connected. 

4. The thrill of discovery

Explore a new place on foot (Shutterstock)

Travel to a new place; even if that be a neighboring town or the woods. Gift yourself the delight of discovering a new place that you haven't seen or experienced before. It would be great if you go alone, but you can drag along a friend if they will add to the sense of wonder and adventure that comes with an impromptu trip. The idea is to skip online tips, guides, and maps and explore like a nomad.

3. Laughter

Make an effort to find out what tickles you the most (Shutterstock)

Think about what really tickles you and make it the primary agenda for the day. This could be a friend who always leaves you in splits, a show that makes you crack up, or reading something hilarious. You can even indulge in a game that is bound to turn funny and uncontrollable after a point.

2. Good company

It doesn't matter if this is your partner, your family, colleagues, or strangers you choose to invite to your table in a restaurant. Put away your phones and connect—really connect. Ask them questions that you never have before, look at them, do they have new wrinkles or greys which you hadn't noticed before, how does their voice sound, do you know their new favorite song or movie? Do a little something to make them feel special. It could be a simple home-cooked meal or a little note telling them what you feel about them. 

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1. Physical indulgence

Yup. It is what you think it is and much more. The holidays are the best time to open yourself to delightful sights, merry sounds, and aromatic dishes. Use this day to let your body make your decisions. Indulge in some scented bath oils, go for a massage, treat yourself a sinfully delicious dessert, fix yourself some hot cocoa, go for a walk in a park and take in the greens, be fully present and play with your dog, tickle and tease your kids, or get messy with some clay dough or cookie batter.

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If you have a partner, invite them to join you in one of these indulgences and take the same playfulness into the bedroom. Try something new and a little out of your comfort zone.

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