The Mouth Cooking trend is disgusting and intriguing, are you brave enough to try it?

The Mouth Cooking trend is disgusting and intriguing, are you brave enough to try it?

People with a weak stomach — PLEASE DON'T WATCH THE VIDEO.

Dishes piling in the sink after last night's dinner and got no time to clean up?

Fret not.

Next time, you can eliminate the need for all that scrubbing and cleaning by simply not using utensils for cooking your meals.

Sounds outrageous and utterly bizarre, does it? According to Nathan Ceddia, a Berlin-based filmmaker from Australia, it's not.

In fact, you can very much cook an Instagram-worthy food dish by using your mouth as a utensil instead.

Eh? Did we hear that right? MOUTH as a utensil?

Take the cue from this Youtube video which shows a British woman cooking a dish with her mouth and how!

Turkey dish at your service, albeit a different method of cooking. (Youtube)

The female 'chef' introduces herself as Riva Godfrey, (her real name is Iska Lupton and she is enacting the entire process) who tells her viewers how to make scrumptious stuffing for a turkey without using spoons or knives. Quite impressively (might we say, disturbingly too), she then goes on to "dice" a raw onion, celery, carrot and fresh parsley—all inside her mouth. 

Lupton demonstrates how she takes food items and break them down in the mouth. (Youtube)

"Put it in your mouth, chop it up a bit further, and get it out, so we’re getting nice, even pieces," she is seen explaining in the video.

Following the dicing, the next ingredients are a loaf of bread, a lemon rind, and cloves of garlic that are enthusiastically half-bitten and spit into a large mixing bowl.

But the pièce de résistance of the entire video is the use of raw egg and butter that she 'whisks' and swishes inside her jaws as if it were mouthwash, and warms the butter too, before spitting it all out in a bowl for the final component of the meal.

Dicing the onions? Na. You chew it and break it down like Lupton shows in the video. (Youtube)

The video that has already managed to rake in more than 2.7 million people since it was posted on the Evening Standard’s Facebook page on January 16th, and has become a raging 'food trend' to watch out for in this year.

In Ceddia's opinion, who is the creator of the bizarre idea, the response that the video has triggered among people, isn't surprising at all.

“Cooking with your mouth was created to help others deal with these types of fears,” Ceddia, 29, told Babble. “Along with this, we wanted to create a new type of cooking technique that brings joy back into the kitchen whilst celebrating the human form,” he added.

Although, the reactions to the video range from 'disturbing' to 'gut-wrenching', he believes that this concept is an answer to the mass-produced stunning food-video content that is readily available to watch on social media platforms.

“People have become numb to the force-feeding of food-related content online. We’re now seeking something new and innovative to brighten up our pallets and I believe cooking with your mouth could be the answer we’ve been waiting for,” he further explained.

Nathan Ceddia (

However, his idea doesn't come without prior instance.

According to The Washington Post, his concept seems to have drawn ideas from Marilyn Minter‘s 'Food Porn' series, or Carolee Schneemann’s 1964 work 'Meat Joy.' Even Lupton has previously designed pop-up experiences for brands like Peroni and has created 'gastronomic experiences from L.A. to Sydney, with a finale sausage installation in Taiwan.'

However, in all seriousness, Ceddia does add that his 'innovative' modus operandi of cooking is a brand new method that people should consider in all seriousness.

“We wanted to create a new type of cooking,” he said. “No one’s pushing the boundaries, no one’s thinking outside the spoon or the plate. I wanted to create a type of cooking that makes people think a bit more,” he explained.

When asked whether he was disgusted at the thought of eating premasticated food, he reveals that he isn't bothered by the idea; but understands why others are. He told Washington Post: “It’s maybe a bit too real for people. But if they were to see the realness of how their meal got to them on their plate—the slaughter of livestock, for example, no one would eat their meal at the end of the day.”

Whisk your egg in the mouth? New idea to try out in the kitchen. (Youtube)

If you're one of the few who is keen to adopt this cooking method in your kitchen? You can wait a little while as the next episode of "Cooking with your Mouth,” will be posted in a few weeks. 

And if there's anything to go by what Ceddia revealed in his interview? The next installment is “going to maybe be a little bit grosser with a lot of chewing and chopping and pulling and gnawing.”

By the looks of it, the final dish looks absolutely edible and delicious on the plate, despite coming from someone's mouth. “On a plate, it looks like it could have come from a restaurant,” he said.

Can't wait...

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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