Here's what your choice of eggs reveals about your personality

Here's what your choice of eggs reveals about your personality

You can get to know a person a lot better by knowing their choice of eggs.

Eggs are our go-to food item for a quick, yet filling meal. Whether we have them for breakfast, include them in our full meals, or add them to our dessert—eggs are a huge part of our daily diet. And why not? Eggs come with a host of health benefits and are the primary source of protein for people who do not eat poultry.

However, it is not just the health benefits that have us interested in eggs. How you like your eggs also reveals a lot about your personality. Whether you eat a fried egg every morning or prefer a hard-boiled egg to go with your salad—these choices reveal important aspects of your nature. Read on to know more.

1. Sunny-side up

If you love the sizzle in your pan every time you fry an egg and love how the egg yolk oozes out over your toast when you cut the fried egg with a fork, you are a person who is old-school at heart. You have a wild side and love exploring new places, cultures, meeting new people. You look for joy in little things in life and interact with people quite freely— whether they are your friends or absolute strangers.

2. Poached

There is a mysterious quality to your personality. You work hard, but you don't mingle with people very easily. You enjoy going out and attending parties, but the next morning, you are back to work with full vigor. No distractions can deter you from your goals. You have few friends as you are not an extrovert, but you are very close to those few friends.

3. Soft-boiled

You are like the golden era actresses—classy and beautiful. Your grace, charm, beautiful looks and the way you carry yourself speaks for you. You are also firm about your notions in life but do not go out of the way to prove your point and are very poised. You have a power over people and can get your work done without having to make much of an effort.

4. Hard-boiled

You are a bit shy and old-fashioned, but your body is the envy of people. You are a man or a woman of few words, but your body speaks for you. You have a toned body and rarely fall sick as you always keep your health in check. You are on your toes at all times when it comes to working and should learn to relax a little.

5. Baked

You are an emotional person. You make decisions from your heart and not from your mind. You are in constant need of love and affection. You are not a gadget freak and would rather spend your time sitting by the window looking at the rain outside, or reading a book, than spend hours in front of the screen, cheering for your favorite team.

6. Steamed

You are a free spirit and love to take risks and try out new things. You would opt for an unconventional job, rather than sticking to your desk with a 9-to-5, regular job. You love meeting new people and may travel with total strangers too if given an option.

7. Scrambled

You are conservative in your approach to new people, but once you get to know them, you are fun to hang out with. People who know you well know that you care, even though you may not show it much. You are loyal, sweet and kind, even to strangers, and are loved immensely by people around you.

8. Omelet

You are the one all your friends turn to when they need some advice or comfort. You are the agony aunt or the mother of your group. You are the one that holds your group together. You have a strong and firm take on things and speak your mind without being scared of the circumstances.

9. Eggnog

You are shy by nature. You take time to open up to people, but once you do that, people realize how much fun you are as a person and end up falling in love with you. You are elegant and also a smooth talker. You work hard to achieve your goals, but also believe in letting down your hair every once in a while.

10. Eggs Benedict

You are a wishful thinker, always lost in your dream world. You put a lot of energy into making sure that people realize their dreams, instead of focusing on your own. You have a pure heart and are a kind person. You are more laid-back and would prefer to have an easy job than work hard to be on top of the game.

11. Deviled eggs

You are feisty and find it difficult to stay in one place with the same set of people for too long. You often make rash, hasty decisions but face the consequences head-on. You are bold in your approach to strangers, which may make them wary of you, but once they get to know your fun side, they love you.

12. Raw

You are the craziest of the lot. You set such goals in life, which are mostly viewed as unachievable by others, but you work extremely hard to reach your goals. If you are very successful, you will keep thinking of leaving everything behind and going off on an unending vacation. Your wild personality is loved by people, yet you prefer talking to only a handful of people.

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