7 DIY skin care tips that will make your skin glow with freshness.

7 DIY skin care tips that will make your skin glow with freshness.

There is so much pollution in the environment we live in and recently, it has only gotten worse. With all the dirt and dust, we often forget just how much damage these toxins do to our skin. Regular maintenance and skin care will really go a long way to having healthy skin. Yes, skin care is not as easy as we would all like it to be and after a long day of work, it may seem exhausting to have an additional thing to look after. However, good and healthy skin changes the way you look at yourself and who doesn't want to look in the mirror and feel happy? 

Skin care should very much be a part of your daily life and routine and trust us, once you do it, it will be very rewarding. These are 7 tips on how you can take just 10-15 minutes out of your day to make sure your skin as healthy as it can be: 

1. Washing your face at-least twice a day

2. Gentle Exfoliation is absolutely crucial for flawless, healthy skin

Here are some DIY natural scrubs that you should try! 

3. Moisturize and keep your skin hydrated & breathing

4. Don't rub or touch the area under your eyes

5. You can't get lazy about leaving your makeup on at night, you have to remove it

6. You can't take the cheaper alternative to skin care, cut down on other stuff...

7. Be aware of the ingredients in your face care products and know what you are buying!

Do let us know if these tips were helpful and if they worked out for you! If there are any suggestions or feedback that you may have on skin care, please feel free to reach out to us at writetous@meawwworld.com