7 signs of superior intelligence that set you apart from the rest

7 signs of superior intelligence that set you apart from the rest

Intelligence is not rigid. It does not mean academic excellence or creative brilliance etc. Intelligence can be of various types like emotional intelligence, musical intelligence and much more. Higher intelligence means that a person is better than others at the particular trait that they possess. Bob Dylan, for instance, was highly intelligent when it came to music but the same couldn't be said about his, say, math capabilities. Yet, studies have found a few things that are common between people with higher intelligence, irrespective of the type of intelligence.

So, if you find yourself checking all the boxes rest assures, you are definitely the cream.

#7 You're lazy

Boredom is the biggest problem that intelligent people face. Since they are able to process things faster and in a better way, they are in a constant need of intellectual stimulation. This, however, is confined to mental activity and not physical ones. So, an intelligent person would prefer sitting and pondering over things rather than scurrying about doing unproductive things. They may appear lazy from the outside but their minds are constantly at work.

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#6 You adapt quicker

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes and work on changing them. They are flexible in their thoughts and they adapt quickly to the changed situation. They understand the value of changing and are not rigid when it comes to facing a new challenge. Their decision-making skills are also better as a result of their adaptability and their ability to learn from their mistakes as well as from others.

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#5 You swear...a lot!

study in 2015 revealed that the use of swear words does not point to a limited vocabulary but a more open, expressive and vibrant personality. People who often use taboo words and swear incessantly have minds performing at a much faster pace and quite often they use swear words. It also reveals that they are not the ones to hide their emotions. Intelligent people tend to be more real than most others.

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#4 You stay up late into the night

Intelligent people are nocturnal, more often than not. The night is the time for peace, quiet and tranquility wherein they can easily let their minds wander without the distractions of day time. They revel in their isolation and are free to be with themselves. They wake up at nights, intellectually and spiritually.

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#3 You read a lot

Reading is food for the mind and the minds of intelligent people are forever hungry. As we mentioned before, intelligent people are in constant need of intellectual stimulation and books are the ideal source for that. Further, reading improves focus, memory and even communication skills which you would find in abundance among intelligent people. They feed their thoughts and their minds grow healthier.

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#2 You enjoy dark humor

Intelligent people are generally not bound by the norms of the society. They cannot be tied to the same moral principles that the rest of the people may follow. So, they may find funny jokes which others may get offended at. Death, disease, deformity, war, calamity etc. can all be fodder for a laugh, not because they are mean but because they can see the humor in it even when others can't.

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#1 You drink and take drugs

Another study revealed that intelligent people are more likely to take drugs and indulge in drinking. The purpose of the study was to check if "high childhood IQ test scores have been associated with increased alcohol dependency and use in adult life". The study concluded revealing a high correlation between drug use (legal or otherwise) and intelligence.

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