30 memes that every person who's had a massive hangover can relate to

30 memes that every person who's had a massive hangover can relate to

Drinking can be a whole lot of fun...if you're young. But even youthfulness can do little to stave off the nastiness of an impending hangover!

When you're in your 20s, you can practically party every other day and not feel any after effects. Most of us spend the entire weekend bar hopping, binge drinking, and partying like there was no tomorrow. Come Monday morning, we then dragged ourselves to class or work and managed to get through the day without too much of a hassle - despite the monster hangovers we almost always suffered.

But when you get to your 30s, things begin to change. Everything recovers at a slower pace and hangovers feel that much nastier. Eventually, we decide it's not really worth the hassle anymore and call it quits. In honor of those people, here are 20+ memes that you can instantly relate to.

#30 Ah, memories

#29 The aging is real

#28 We've all attempted this at some point

#27 Gatorade is love, Gatorade is life.

#26 One of the worst feelings ever.

#25 Been there, done that.

#24 Always keep a glass of water in handy

#23 At least the hickies are nice memories. Kind of.


#21 You always end up losing something or the other

#20 The shift happens way too quickly

#19 There's always something embarrassing lying in wait

#18 Woke up in a whole new year after a night of drinking. It was January 1st.

#17 Have you ever tasted sound though?

#16 Send a prayer of thanks to ALL the Gods, can't risk aggravating any of them

#15 Ah, the glorious 20s

#14 Relate.

#13 Scalding hot coffee doesn't feel that hot anymore either

#12 Nothing like a cold shower to get you out of that hangover rut

#11 Drunk hikes are the best!

#10 Your tongue can't seem to find its way back into the mouth

#9 We think it's a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

#8 Was there ever two better texts to sum it up?

#7 Taking your anger out on the alcohol doesn't really help


#5 WHY???!!!

#4 Losing your phone in that drunken mess is one of the worst feelings

#3 The sadness is real.

#2 And you slowly die inside

#1 Why does food taste so much better when you're drunk?

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