Warning signs of diabetes every woman should look out for and yoga poses to counter it

Warning signs of diabetes every woman should look out for and yoga poses to counter it

How do you know you may have diabetes? And if you do, here's how you can deal with it.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are currently over 199 million women across the world who are living with and suffering from diabetes. Two out of five women with diabetes are a reproductive age which sums up to an estimated 60 million women worldwide.

Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women globally which is about 2.1 million deaths per year. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when your blood sugar(glucose) is too high. On World Diabetes Day, we bring to you some symptoms of diabetes unique to women, and yoga poses to counter diabetes. 

Symptoms unique to women

#4 Vaginal itching, pain, vaginal or oral infection

Source: The Anchor Online

An overgrowth of yeast can lead to vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections, and vaginal thrush. These symptoms are common in women. As the infection spreads in the vaginal area, symptoms such as itchiness, soreness, vaginal discharge are common. 

#3 Urinary Infections

Source: Dr. Jockers

The risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) is much more likely to occur in women who may be suffering from diabetes. These infections can cause painful urination, a burning sensation, and bloody or whitish urine. If you experience any of these signs, get yourself checked for diabetes. 

#2 Female sexual dysfunction 

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Diabetic Neuropathy is when high blood glucose damages nerve fibers. This results in a tingling sensation and numbness in different parts of your body like the hands, feet, and legs. This condition lowers a women's sex drive and reduces the blood flow to the genital area, making it very hard and sometimes painful for a woman to orgasm. 

#1 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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This leads to female infertility as well as insulin resistance. High insulin levels increase the risk of developing diabetes. About half of the women diagnosed with PCOS develop diabetes. 

Yoga and diabetes

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Yoga is known to have worked wonders for those suffering from diabetes. The best yoga techniques for diabetes are those which involve postures and breathing exercises that are especially and specifically designed to target the pancreas. These postures for diabetes helps increase the blood flow to the pancreas and also rejuvenates the organ's cells. 

Who should avoid it:

People who should take precautions and have supervision while doing yoga are:

Source: Parents

1) Those suffering from hypertension and cardiac conditions.

2) Women who are pregnant.

3) People with any injuries.

Yoga Poses:

Given below are some yoga asanas which are known to help fight diabetes, scroll further to see how to do these poses and general guidelines for practicing yoga.

Source: Women's Lifestyle

1. Dhanurasana (bow pose)

Source: Feel Good Yoga & Pilates

2. Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

Source: Types Of Yoga Asanas Postures

3. Padangusthasana (head to toe pose)

Source: Zee News

4. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Source: Yogapaws

5. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

Source: Natural Wellness Guide

6. Ardha-matsyendrasana (spinal twist)

Source: Yoga Shelter

7. Halasana (plow pose)

Source: freedomtek

8. Yoga mudrasana (yogic symbol pose)

Source: Yome

9. Supta Vajrasana (sitting pose of firmness)

Source: Astrogle

10. Chakrasana (wheel pose)

Source: stylesatlife.com

How to do it:

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1) Make sure that when you are practicing the postures, you align all parts of your body and allow expansions of different parts of your body. 

2) Your knees, elbows, hips, tailbone should all be aligned properly. 

3) Be sure to keep your back as straight while doing yoga and do not slouch. 

4) Do not hold your breath but try to inhale and exhale slowly. Involve yourself in a slow, natural breathing rhythm.  

Recommended repetitions:

Source: Free Pik

1) It is better to practice yoga on an empty stomach, either in the morning or in the evening.

2) When beginning yoga for diabetes, try and do the simple asanas for a while. 

3) Avoid any heavy exertion and instead, try and focus on smooth, even stretching and abdominal compressions. 

Things to keep in mind while doing yoga:

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1) Make sure to warm up before you start doing any of the asanas. Start with gentle warm-up exercises. 

2) Avoid any sort of jerking or sudden, fast movements. 

3) Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and something you can easily stretch in. 

4) Do not try and overachieve as it will only result in you getting an injury. Take it easy and gradually increase the pace. 

Here is a video to sum up what symptoms of diabetes you should not ignore: 


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