Video: How a groundbreaking innovation transformed a blind boy's life

Video: How a groundbreaking innovation transformed a blind boy's life

With the help of engineering and technology, what was created now helps Josh play with his friends in school.

Like any other boy his age, Josh likes to play outside. His favorite class is playtime and he loves spending time with his friends. Eight-year-old Josh enjoys the time he spends outside, but he was born blind and struggles to cope with the frenzy of his school's massive playground.

He almost gave up on playing outside after he injured himself that gave him a huge bruise on the leg on the very first day of his third year of education.

Josh was born blind and is affected by a condition called Norrie disease—a genetic disorder that primarily affects the eye and almost always leads to blindness. Despite his condition, nothing stops the young boy from living his life to the fullest and enjoys everything that life has to offer.

As part of a BBC Two series called Big Life Fix: Children in Need Special, Josh is a part of an episode where designers and children with special needs come together to provide a groundbreaking solution that will help the specially-abled children to live their lives to the fullest. For Josh's case, designers  Ruby Steel and engineer Jude Pullen from London have come up with a novel solution so that he can play outside with the rest of his class.

The solution? Create specially designed guidance paving for children like Josh who can be guided with the help of sounds to take them back to the place where they begin and end with.

Here's how it looks:


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