Vaginas need sex or THIS will happen to them, reveals shocking new study

Vaginas need sex or THIS will happen to them, reveals shocking new study

After 'vaginal depression' (Yes. It exists FOR REAL. It's called vulvodynia which means a 'depressed vagina'), there is a new disease that has drawn the attention of doctors across the world. It was earlier viewed that vaginal depression would be the end of it but turns out there are quite a few other problems that affect vagina. Not having sex leads to one of these as you would know in the details below.

For those who aren't aware, Vaginal Atrophy or vulvovaginal atrophy is NOT a sexually transmitted disease that leaves your vagina burning and itching for a long period of time. And while it can be a problem for women of any age, it’s more likely to affect women who are going through or have been through menopause and not having regular sex.

Vaginal Atrophy also called as VVA or vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) occurs when estrogen levels drop, as they do around the time a woman begins menopause. When estrogen levels fall, the symptoms of VVA may become more severe.

Read on to know what questions should you put forward to your doctor when you visit in case of this problem.

Louise Mazanti, a London-based sex therapist, said: “It is very important that we have a healthy sex life with a partner or with ourselves. People very often say, ‘I don’t have a sex life because I don’t have a partner'. But forget about that and have a sexual relationship with yourself. It’s about using massage and touching the tissue so that it becomes alive, the blood flows and the tissue become elastic. It is really about exercising the tissue.”

Read on to know about the cure and the preventive measures you can adopt.

Further, she explains that if the cells down there are not getting enough oxygen, they cannot eliminate waste from the tissue, which can cause inflammation that leads to problems such as vaginal atrophy. A buildup of toxins can also stop vital nutrients from getting to the cells, which can leave the tissue slightly weaker and thinner.

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If you aren't getting enough sex, it can have some serious side effects on a person’s mental health, according to Mazanti. She explained: “When your ability to have sex and your desire to have sex decreases, it is a massive change in identity. You start to question ‘who am I now if I am not the sexy woman I used to be?' Lack of sex can cause depression and an identity crisis and deep consideration of an existential nature.”

What are the symptoms?

Depending on how severe the condition is, you may experience a variety of symptoms, including:


Burning sensation, particularly when you pee



Urgency to pee

Urinary tract infections


Light bleeding after sex

Discomfort during sex

Dryness during sex

A shortening or tightening of the vagina

If this isn't scary enough, then we don't know what else can be. To know more, here's a detailed overview of what exactly is VVA or Vaginal Atrophy and how it can be prevented :

If the problem persists, do consult your doctor and get it checked. The disease is not lethal and it can be cured. And if you found this piece informative, do let us know by dropping an email at