Use these 10 grooming hacks to reduce your oily skin

Use these 10 grooming hacks to reduce your oily skin

For all those who have oily skin, here is how you can deal with it.

Oily skin is a result of the overproduction of sebum which is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum is nothing but an oily substance which is made of fats. An excess amount of sebum can possibly lead to oily skin, which can further lead to clogged pores and acne. Genetics, hormone changes, or even stress may increase sebum production. These glands are located beneath the skin's surface. 

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These 10 home remedies will hopefully help you to keep your oily skin in check and your skin fresh and happy: 

#10 Jojoba Oil 

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It is must be strange to apply oil to your face to reduce the oil on your face. Jojoba oil is known to have many medicinal properties which can cure oily skin, acne, as well as other skin problems. A study found that applying a mask made of healing clay and jojoba oil twice or thrice a week can cure mild acne as well as reduce the amount of oil on your face. Make sure to use it in moderation as excessive jojoba oil could make your skin worse. 

#9 Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are known to contain Salicylic acid which is a common cure for acne. The acids found in tomatoes can help to absorb any excess oil and to open up clogged pores. If you need to make a tomato mask, here is what you need to do: 

1. Combine 1 tsp sugar with the pulp of 1 tomato

2. Apply to the skin in a circular motion

3. Leave the mask on for 3 minutes 

4. Rinse well and wipe gently 

#8 Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is great for the skin and has been known to soothe burns as well as treat other kinds of skin infections. As reported by the Mayo Clinic, there is enough and more evidence which suggests that Aloe Vera helps to cure flaky skin which is usually caused by excessive oily patches. You can apply a thin layer to your face before bedtime and leave it on until morning. If you have not used Aloe Vera before, it is advisable that you test a small patch on your arm to see whether you are allergic to it or not. 

#7 Almonds

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Ground Almonds have some properties which are ideal for treating oily skin. These almonds work to exfoliate your skin as well as soak up any excess oils and impurities. This is how you can make an almond mask: 

1. Finely grind raw almonds (3 tsp)

2. Add 2 tbs of honey 

3. Apply to your face in a circular motion

4. Rinse with water 

#6 Egg whites and lemon 

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This is an old school method of dealing with oily skin. The combination of egg whites and lemon as a skin cure has been in use for many years as both the ingredients are believed to tighten up pores. The acid that is found in lemons and other citrus fruits can help to absorb the oil. How to make the face mask: 

1. Combine 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

2. Apply it to your face, and leave it on until the mask dries.

3. Remove with warm water, and pat dry.

#5 Oatmeal 

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Oatmeal helps to calm inflamed skin down as well as absorb excess oils. It is also used to get rid off dead skin. The oatmeal that is used in face masks usually has to be ground and it can be combined with papaya, yogurt, honey, or mashed fruits. This is how you make an oatmeal face mask:

1. Combine 1/2 cup ground oats with hot water to form a paste.

2. Stir in 1 tablespoon honey.

3. Massage the oatmeal mixture into your face for about three minutes; rinse with warm water, and pat dry.

#4 Cosmetic Clay 

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Cosmetic clays are also known as healing clays and are used to treat multiple skin conditions including oily skin. The French green clay is amongst the most popular skin treatments for oily skin and acne due to its high absorbing properties. Remember to gently rinse the clay mask of your face once you are done with it. 

1. Add filtered water or rose water to about a teaspoon of clay until it forms a thick-ish consistency

2. Apply the clay mixture to your face and leave it on until it dries.

3. Remove the clay with warm water and pat dry.

#3 Honey

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This is one of nature's most used skin remedies due to its antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties.  Honey is also a natural humectant and it helps to keep the skin moist but definitely not oily. This is because the humectants are able to draw moisture from the skin without replacing it.

#2 Blotting Papers 

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This is an easy and non-expensive method to get rid off oily skin. These thin and small papers will not be able to prevent the oil glands on your skin from going crazy but what it can do is blot the excess oil from your face. One can use this through the day at any given point. 

#1 Wash your face

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This is a pretty obvious one but many people who are dealing with oily skin do not wash their faces as regularly as they should. If you have oily skin then you should wash your face twice a day but not more. Instead of using chemical soaps, you should switch to a milder and non-scented soap. 

Here is a video with a few more tips and remedies to help deal with oily skin: 

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