Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can help you live longer well up to the age of 90

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can help you live longer well up to the age of 90

Are you looking to live well up to 90? Hit the next happy hour at a local bar!

Drinking is good for you. Or maybe it's not. Or maybe it is. Nobody seems to know. But a new research dubbed The 90+ Study has revealed the secret to living to a ripe old age of 90: it seems drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is the key and trumps exercise when it comes to leading a longer, healthier life.

If you want to live up to 90, just drink a little alcohol! (Source: Shutterstock)

Dr. Claudia Kawas, a specialist in neurology from the University of California, spoke at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference in Austin, Texas, about the findings of the study.

The study which began in 2003 examined 1,700  nonagenarian participants (those aged between 90 and 99 years old) and spanned over a period of 15 years. Now after looking into the daily habits of its participants, including exercise and drinking alcohol, it claims to understand why some people live up to 90 years and why some don't.

Everything in moderation is a good thing. (Source: Shutterstock)

The study found that people who drank about two glasses of beer or wine in a day were 18% less likely to die of a premature death when compared to those who abstained from alcohol.

However, previous studies have suggested that heavy drinking can cause high blood pressure and cancer. But what this study says is a moderate amount should indeed do you well. 

You are 18% less likely to die if you drink alcohol. (Source: Shutterstock)

Furthermore, people who were slightly overweight and not obese were recorded as having a 3% reduced chance of an early death. Meanwhile, participants who exercised 15 to 45 minutes every day cut the same risk by 11%.

“It’s not bad to be skinny when you’re young but it’s very bad to be skinny when you’re old,” Dr Kawas noted in her address.

“I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity,” Dr Kawas stated at the conference.

A little bit of exercise and a little bit of alcohol! (Source: Shutterstock)

In addition to consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, regular exercise and spending time practicing a hobby were also associated with a longer life.

Those who spent time doing something they enjoyed for about two hours a day were 21% less likely to die a quick death.

Drinking two cups of coffee every day also decreased the risk of premature death by 10 percent.

The results show no causation but show an unexplained link between drinking and longevity. Various studies conducted earlier support these findings. A study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center and published in the journal Scientific Reports revealed that alcohol does improve the health of the brain and its ability to get rid of toxins that may cause Alzheimer's. 

This study is another reason to not give up on alcohol just yet. At least maintain a moderate indulgence rather than going binge drinking. 

Don't quit on alcohol, just yet. (Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash)

The 90+ Study is seeking new participants. If you are at least 90 years old and are willing to participate in twice-annual visits and donate your brain to research after death, you may be eligible to enroll in The 90+ Study.

Please contact study90@uci.edu for more information.

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