Not so dirty after all: Here's one of the shocking benefits all bearded men enjoy

Not so dirty after all: Here's one of the shocking benefits all bearded men enjoy

Time to let that beard grow wild and long if you would like to be healthy and strong.

Despite what some studies believe, bearded guys do have cleaner faces than those who do not have beards. Being clean-shaven does not mean that you have a clean face. Maybe it is time to prolong months like 'No Shave November' as not just a fashion trend but as something which has a ton of health benefits. 

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A new study that was published in the Journal of Hospital Infection revealed that clean-shaven men are almost three times more likely to be carrying harmful bacteria which is known as the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus which is better and more easily known as the MRSA or the Staph bacteria. 

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The people who conducted study took over 408 male healthcare workers and studied their facial bacteria and the colonization rates. The study revealed to MensXp "Our study suggests that facial hair does not increase the overall risk of bacterial colonization compared to clean-shaven control subjects. They, in fact, exhibited higher rates of colonization with certain bacterial species."

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The fact is that clean-shaven men tend to harbor more microbes and bacteria. Scientists believe that smalls nicks and cuts/ abrasions which are caused while shaving and lead to more bacteria getting accumulated. 

There are multiple benefits to growing facial hair: 

7) Natural moisture

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When you keep a beard, you do not have to worry about having dry skin. The hair acts as a protective layer which keeps the wind and cold at bay. This helps in preventing skin dryness. Keeping a beard helps the sebaceous glands moisturize and keep your skin healthy. 

6) Blemish-free skin

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Shaving can often lead to small cuts and abrasions which will stay on your face for quite a while. If you are looking to have blemish-free skin, avoid shaving and keep that beard growing. No one will know what lies at the depths of your beard and to people, you will have no cuts or marks.

5) Reduce infections

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When you have a beard you really don't ever have to worry about bacterial infections, ingrowths, and folliculitis (an infection caused by hair follicles). People who shave regularly are much more susceptible to contracting such kinds of infections and rashes on the skin. 

4) Insulation

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During the summer months, your beard can help you with cooling off. However, you will be very grateful for it during the winter months as it will help trap heat and keep you warm. The longer the beard you have, the more insulation and protection you will get. 

3) Helps you look younger

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Keeping a beard is a not so common way of trying to look younger and naturally lessen signs that you are aging. With that part of your face shielded from the sun, your skin will keep a lot more dehydrated and moisturized, unlike the men who do not have beards and leave their skin exposed. 

2) Reduction of asthma

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If you are one of those people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases, keeping a beard or at least some facial hair will work as a filter to make sure that the allergens don't end up settling. This is not very different from having nasal hair and you know just how important that is when it comes to filtering the air you breathe. 

1) Prevents skin cancer

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Recently conducted surveys and studies have proved that 95% of UV rays that come from the sun are blocked by beards. Apart from keeping the harmful rays from touching your face, this is also extremely important as UV rays can cause cancer. The thicker the hair, the better it is. 

Here is a video which explains these points better: 

This has to be reason enough to convince you to grow a beard or if you are a woman to encourage your man or men they know to grow beards. There are so many health benefits to allowing yourself to be hairy and shave-free. Embrace the hair as the more the hair, the more benefits you will get. 

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