It's official, cruises can uplift your emotional well-being

It's official, cruises can uplift your emotional well-being

Research determines that cruises could help you heal emotionally, here's how

Have you been craving to sail afloat on a ship for days at end? Save up for the very next dream cruise because research has now proven that taking a cruise vacation can beneficial mentally and emotionally even after the getaway is over. You might say it is but natural to feel good after any vacation — be it on land or on sea — but researchers have studied to gain a deeper insight into what sets cruises apart. 

You can now indulge in a cruise, guilt free. (Pexels)

They found that — the trip encourages growth and wellbeing in three different ways — the emotional experience of any getaway, the relationship factor of meeting new people and thirdly and most importantly the ability to visit new places and broaden the mind. 

These factors make a cruise unique, exceptional and more stimulating when compared to a "one-destination" holiday. People experience an inner feeling of happiness and glow for as long as six months after returning home from the cruise as per a study conducted by the University of China. 

Around 25 million people from all over the world indulge in the luxury of cruises with the extensive array of activities that a cruise opens to them. Researchers from the University of China conducted a psychological questionnaire on 317 tourists who had just returned from a cruise vacation and on 295 other people who had gone on a cruise six months earlier. 

Indulging in a cruise can do you a tonne of good, researchers say. (Pexels)

Through the questions, the researchers hoped to determine the participant's state emotional wellbeing. Even though the participants were from different backgrounds, of various age groups and had traveled to very different places taking various routes from Korea all the way to the Caribbean, the researchers were surprised to find that their answers led them to believe that a cruise does and can drastically uplift one's emotional well-being. 

They found that most people said that short-term happiness was perceived from emotional and relational experiences, where emotionally one felt recharged by doing absolutely nothing and relational experience was enriched by interacting with family, friends and new fellow cruisers.

Lead author Jiaying Lyu of Zhejiang from the University in China said: "Travel is a meaningful activity by which individuals gain something important and valuable in life." What resulted in the long-term happiness was the wonder, awe and knowledge that came with traveling to new places. 

Leaving the dock to sail into the deep blue is now found to give people immense happiness. (Pexels)

"It affirms self-worth and price, facilitates self-growth and self-motivation and searchers for inspiration and creation," Zhejiang added. He sincerely believes that those who indulge in cruises could heal from illnesses or emotional ill-health faster and better. 

Visiting new places and learning about them can give long-term satisfaction. (Pexels)

These findings were published in the International Journal of Tourism Research and have now convinced many to try the cruises out for themselves, and so far the results have been positive! Jiaying Lyu said, "The results indicate that cruise holidays offer more value than simply short-term hedonistic experiences and contribute to broader aspects of life satisfaction and positive these cognitive processes, people find positive emotions and improved evaluation of life."

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