Fat acceptance advocate sparks Twitter war with Cancer Research UK for 'fat-shaming' campaign

Fat acceptance advocate sparks Twitter war with Cancer Research UK for 'fat-shaming' campaign

A fat acceptance activist and feminist comedian has sparked mass derision on Twitter after accusing Cancer Research UK of fat-shaming.

Twenty nine-year-old Sofie Hagen has started a Twitter war with Cancer Research UK for their apparent "fat-shaming" campaign. 

The Danish fat acceptance activist, who is based in the UK, took offense to a recent tweet from the well-known charity in Britain which simply stated that obesity is the second largest cause of cancer. Hagen angrily tweeted that she wanted Cancer Research UK to take their well-founded campaign down.

Amidst the outrage sparked by the feminist comedian, the Cancer Research charity responded to her, trying to explain that their intention was nowhere close to malicious or to “make anyone feel bad about their weight” but instead to “raise awareness of the link between cancer and obesity”, which is the second biggest cause of cancer.

However, Hagen went on to accuse the campaign in a typical "social justice warrior" style of being "so incredibly damaging that I can’t even begin to describe it in 280 characters.” She also claimed that “Society viewing fatness as a negative thing is a thing that kills more than the cancer,” although without any credible citation to support the same.

Sofie Hagen's facebook post: "Just a reminder to fuck the beauty standard. It kills. Okay byyyeee." (Source: Facebook)

In a traditional know-it-all move, the fat acceptance advocate stated that “DIETING has been proved TIME AND TIME again to be one of the worst things that you can do to your body” and did not hesitate to label the charity's campaign as "fat-shaming" and wished that it was taken down as soon as possible.

Sofie also attempted to teach the cancer-research outfit about fat bodies and health by linking them to an article supporting her stance.



The entire fiasco caused the Danish feminist to bear the brunt of criticism and fall prey to over 3000 users who disagreed with her in her original tweet, the majority of whom would not take her seriously whatsoever.

The feud comes less than a week after Cancer Research UK released a study that found 'millennials' in the UK are on their way to be the most overweight generation in history.

Their analysis clearly showed that people who were born between the early 1980’s and mid-1990’s would be overweight when they reach their 40s and that being obese as an adult could be directly linked to over 13 forms of cancer.

Professor Linda Bault of the Cancer Research charity said that the current generations critically needed to improve their diet and eat more fruits, fiber, and vegetables.





Having said that, this is not the first time Hagen was 'triggered' by the cancer research charity based out of UK. Previously, Hagen had slammed the group last year by saying that they were “making the world shittier, you filthy c***s.”

In conclusion, Sofie could not handle the opposition she faced on her Twitter. Thus, she said that she would "reply" to all the "abusive" tweets by writing a book about the issue. The book will reportedly be released in the spring of 2019 and will uphold the notion about why “it’s okay to be fat".

Professor Linda Bauld told indy100, after they approached her for her take on the issue, that:

"The aim of the charity’s campaign is to raise awareness of the fact that obesity is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.
This is not about fat shaming. 
It is based on scientific evidence and designed to give important information to the public. 
Only 15% of people are aware that obesity is a cause of cancer. Cancer Research UK has a duty to put that message in the public domain.
In addition to raising awareness, the campaign aims to help stem the rising tide of obesity by urging the government to create a climate that makes healthier food choices easier for everyone."

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