Even after losing weight, your hormones could trick you into seriously overeating!

Even after losing weight, your hormones could trick you into seriously overeating!

What can happen when you decide to lose weight?

It is extremely difficult to shed off those few extra pounds while it seems unnaturally easy to gain some. Once you have attempted to lose a few pounds, it is equally difficult to maintain your new weight for a longer period of time. 

A recent study revealed how the hormones which are responsible for controlling hunger and fullness have shown why it is extremely difficult for someone to maintain that weight. Even many years after you have gone through weight loss, your hormones are capable of tricking you into craving more courses and more food which will lead you to overeating. 

Researchers from Norway and Denmark, who observed and tracked fitness, body mass index, and hormone concentrations, reported an increase in the hunger levels of more than 35 adults over a period of two years. Every single person who took part in the experiment was previously obese and had to undergo an intense weight-loss program which included a calorie-restricted diet, exercise, as well as therapy.

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The participants were involved in a three-week-long residential program after which they continued to go home and follow the same set of food restrictions and exercise requirements. 

After a period of two years, almost all of the participants had lost quite a bit of weight and were seen to have much better cardiovascular fitness. However, the people's hormones and feelings of hunger told a different story than what they had been conditioned to follow. Around one month after the start of the weight loss program, the volunteers reportedly felt fuller after each meal they ate and had no changes in the level of hunger while they fasted. 

It is believed that a hormone — known as the peptide YY — is linked with shutting down appetite and enhancing our gastric functions which is what caused the participants to feel fuller after each meal. 

However, one year later these feelings of being full started to decline gradually while the desire and craving to eat more started to increase. They also continued to remain high for the following year making it impossible to maintain all the weight that they had lost. These sorts of hunger sensations were noted in the levels of a hormone known as ghrelin. 

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The participants' efforts in improving exercise and diet were accompanied by a depressed appetite and pangs of hunger which took over the stomach. The researchers believe that they do not have the adequate information to note the volunteer's energy balance when they took the measurements. This research does prove that self-control and weight loss is a not as simple as it seems. 

This also shows how complex weight loss can be and how with such knowledge we will hopefully have more effective solutions. 

These are 8 ways in which you can attempt to keep your weight at what you would want: 

#8 You need to do it for yourself

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This is one of the most important points to remember and it is essential that you know that you are working out for yourself. If you are working out or trying to lose weight for someone else you will be making the task that much harder. When you are self-motivated to lose weight, you will see better results. 

#7 Plan your meals

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Remember to plan each of your meals carefully and keep in mind that you need to monitor all that you consume and take in. It would definitely help to keep a food journal for yourself so you are aware of what you are eating. This will also allow you to reward yourself occasionally, especially when you have been keeping your food in check. 

#6 Drink plenty of water

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It is a must to drink plenty of water and make sure to stay as hydrated as you need. Drinking enough water will certainly help the weight loss process and make your skin glow. Lack of water will lead to many complications and working out without enough water will make you very sick. 

#5 Eat the same number of meals per day 

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Eat the same amount of meals every day and this consistency will help your body clockwork in an efficient and productive way. The human body is trained to respond to regularity and structure. Make it a point to wake up at the same time, eat at the same time, as well as sleep at the same time. 

#4 Be consistent with exercise

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When it comes to exercising it is important to be consistent and maintain a regular and doable workout schedule. The moment you start to have an irregular workout balance, your body will not be able to lose or shed any weight. It will also make your metabolism go haywire which will lead to weight imbalances. 

#3 Eat a well-balanced diet 

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Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet as that will give you the nutrients that you need. If you do not maintain a well-balanced diet your body will not be able to sustain all that you are set to achieve. In order to lose weight and maintain your new figure, it is essential to eat well. 

#2 Reward yourself 

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It is extremely important to reward yourself from time to time and make sure that you are aware of all that you have achieved so far. The more you assure yourself that you are doing fine, you will be on a much better path to losing weight and being healthy at the same time. 

#1 Keep your mind in check

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This is such a big mind game and you have to make sure to keep your moods in check. The moment you start to lose faith in yourself, you will not be able to sustain what you want to achieve. It is very important to keep telling yourself that you can do it versus can't.

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