This hero cop is repairing relationships between the police and the community..and how!

This hero cop is repairing relationships between the police and the community..and how!

One of modern America's biggest problems is the rift between the community and the police. A few incidents by a few cops has hurt the police's reputation and led to a fractured and damaged relationship with the same people that they're sworn to protect.

Robert wants to fix the broken relationship between the police and the community

However, one cop, Robert White, has decided to take matters into his own hands to begin mending this relationship. His aim was to create an inexpensive, repeatable, and sustainable way to help the police connect with the community, beginning with the most impressionable ones, the children. How does he plan on achieving this goal? By building basketball courts across the country, of course.

He set up the Basketball Cop Foundation to help construct these courts across the country and has already formed a connection with the children he's played with. One in particular, Tyree, has now become his texting buddy and Robert has even helped him learn to drive.

His Hoops Across America initiative took root in his town of Gainesville, Florida, where he's an active officer, and the donations meant that three basketball courts could be constructed, proving a safe space for children to play; among themselves and with the local law enforcement.

The cops from Lake City PD (Source: GoFundMe)

Over the last year, the foundation has supplied 30 basketball hoops and 100s of basketballs to 28 different police agencies across the US. They then arrange for an event that brings together the local police and kids from the community in a basketball game.

The cops from Pima County AZ Sheriff's Office (Source: GoFundMe)

While he admits the foundation is doing great good, more funding could see more reach. Currently, there are over 18,000 police agencies in the country, and it is possible to reach them all.

Shaq is one of the big names who has bought into the idea (Source: GoFundMe)

He's also initiated further side projects along with the Basketball Cop Foundation, with one in Gainesville providing backpacks and supplies to children whose parents cannot afford them.

The foundation donated backpacks to those in need as well (Source: GoFundMe)

During the holiday season, they managed to identify kids in the community who may not get any gifts for Christmas. They then proceeded to collect donations and managed to ensure every one of these underprivileged kids had a great holiday.

If you're interested in donating, you can do so at this GoFundMe page.

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