6 easy habits to help you get rid of morning breath

6 easy habits to help you get rid of morning breath

Indulge in these 6 habits, to wake up every morning refreshed!

Do you fake a yawn just to see how bad your breath is?

Does bad breath change your morning experience?

Bad morning breath can make your otherwise blissful morning experience a little unpleasant - making you want to jump right out of bed and lay your hands on your brush as soon as possible. It becomes even worse when you wake up with a partner by your side and would want to indulge in morning cuddles and kisses but can't because of a distasteful feeling in your mouth. After all many believe that morning kisses are only saved for actors and actresses in a film and have no room in the real world. Here are some ways in which you can work towards making your morning breath a tad bit fresher.  

1. Hydrate

Hydrate water to eliminate bad breath! (Pexels)

During the day, water and saliva wash away the odor-causing bacteria that settles in our mouth. In contrast, during the night, we don't salivate and if dehydrated alongside - our mouths can dry up extremely resulting in the growth of these bacterias. Drinking tonnes of water all day, and being in the practice of breathing deeply even while sleeping can help cut down on the number of these odor-causing bacteria. 

2. Clean your teeth and tongue before you hit the bed

Allowing food particles to be trapped between your teeth overnight can attract these odor-causing bacterias and thus result in bad morning breath. It doesn't matter what you consume - any and every stale food attracts bacteria and hence making sure your teeth are clean and free of food before you sleep is a good idea. It is simple logic, rotten food stinks the area around it and if it is rotting in your mouth it will stink your mouth.


3. Chew on some parsley leaves every morning

Include celery in your diet. (Pexels)

Don't treat parsley leaves like a vegetable meant for decoration and instead pick a few of them up and chew on them every morning. It is the most natural way to kill odor-causing germs and freshen up your breath immediately. 

Parsley leaves are rich in chlorophyll and thus contain an abundance of antibacterial properties. Studies in the past have found and published that chlorophyll is specifically known to control and eradicate odors. Let them leaves save the day!

4. Celery and an apple a day keep bad breath away 

Apple a day, can keep the germs away as well. (Pexels)

Include celery and slices of apple in your breakfast routine to make your morning breath fresher. They have a high water content and can increase production of saliva immensely by exercising and moisturizing the glands in your mouth. 

Include cherries in your breakfast (Source: Pinterest)

Most other foods like cherries, lettuce, and cucumbers that have a high water content can change how your mouth feels in the morning. On the other hand tea, coffee, salty snacks can be dehydrating and bad for morning breath.

5. Chew gum in the morning

This is an obvious solution - minty gums and mouth fresheners can eliminate bad breath. In the long run, it can and may cause bad breath due to its high sugar content and dehydrating properties - but for temporary relief - it acts as a great mouth freshener. 

However, if chewed on the night before, it would result in worse morning breath the next day - because it dehydrates the mouth and attracts odor-causing bacteria again due to its high sugar content providing those creatures just the ideal food and place to grow.  

Don't chew gum the night before. (Source: Getty Images)

6. Shift from toothpaste to baking soda

To alleviate bad morning breath - one can use peroxide and baking soda to brush their teeth with instead of toothpaste the night before. The two are renowned for killing the volatile sulfur compounds that released by the bacteria that settle in our mouths all day. 

All said and done, while the above are potential fixes for bad mouth odor, they might not help eliminate mouth odor caused by a larger illness of many sorts. Mouth odors can be a sign of infections in the mouth, reflux of stomach acids, heartburn and other chronic diseases.  

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