Zac Efron reveals his first look as Ted Bundy and it's sending chills down our spine

Zac Efron reveals his first look as Ted Bundy and it's sending chills down our spine

Zac Efron was chosen to be the one to play the role of Ted Bundy and the actor recently shared a picture from behind the scenes and we cannot wait to see him in the movie!

You might recognize Zac Efron as the teenage heartthrob who first appeared on High School Musical. Since then, the actor has come a long way as he widened and developed his acting career. In March 2017, there were reports that Zac has been signed to play the role of Ted Bundy, the notorious and serial killer and now we finally have his first look!

Zac Efron as Ted Bundy (Twitter)

Zac decided to give his fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from the movie and we sure aren't disappointed. The black and white photo showed Zac being photographed for what looks like a mug shot. One could say that the Baywatch actor is already tapping into his dark side to get everything right for the role. The resemblance between Ted Bundy and Zac's mugshot is quite similar. 

In the photo, one can find Zac holding a place card while wearing a formfitting white T-shirt with dark bell-bottom pants. The movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, is said to commence its shooting from January 18 and director Joe Berlinger is going to mastermind the production. Along with Zac, Joe also shared a similar photo on his Instagram to make the announcement that the filming or the movie as began.

The photo showed Joe holding a similar placard and captioned the photo as “#Excited to be #doingtime on my new @zacefron and @lilyjcollins #movie … we start #shooting #tomorrow … #moviemagic." The movie revolves around the perspective of Ted's longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer. 

Joe Berlinger is directing the film (Instagram)

Elizabeth defended Ted for years but eventually decided to go and report to the police about his deeds. Ted eventually confessed to murdering 30 women. He was then put on trial in 1977 and convicted of murder in Colorado. However, he managed to escape from the prison and was on the run for a long time until he was found later in Florida and arrested. 

Ted began confessing to murders allegedly in hopes that it would delay his execution but it did not work and he was put to death in Florida's electric chair in 1989. In the movie, the role of Ted's girlfriend will be played by Lily Collins. Lily also shared a behind-the-scenes Instagram photo on Wednesday, writing: “Camera testing 1,2,3…” Along with the two leads, actor John Malkovich has also been cast in the movie. 

John will play Edward Cowart, the presiding judge of the Bundy trial where he imposed the death sentence. While the date for the release of the movie has not yet been announced, fans all over the world are already going gaga over the film after having a glimpse of Zac in the role. 

Lily Collins as Elizabeth Kloepfer (Instagram)

People were quick to express their excitement on Twitter. One fan believed that seeing Zac in a role such as this would be a brand new experience for everyone but also the one which is going to be pleasing to the eye. "Now THIS is a role I'm beyond excited for!!! You're going to do amazing," the tweet read. While another was waiting for the movie to hit the screen. "I can’t wait for this!!! You’re going to be amazing in this role!!," wrote another. 

There were some fans who wanted to have more look into the production of the movie and how the roles of the characters develop in it. "Give us more behind the scenes! This is the content we signed up for!!" one Twitter user wrote. There were others who believed that this could be the turning point for Zac as people will finally see him as the actor he truly is. "I honestly can’t wait for you to win your first Oscar for this!" another fan wrote. As of now, let's just hope we all get to see more of Ted! 


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