Jennifer Lawrence wants to take a break from acting... and here's why

Jennifer Lawrence wants to take a break from acting... and here's why

The ‘Mother!’ actress recently broke up with director Darren Aronofsky.

Twenty-seven-year-old Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence wants to take a break from acting and "milk goats." No, that's not to prepare for some great role in an upcoming film. She just wants to buy a farm and milk goats. Sound weird? Maybe, but then it's J-Law!

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Jennifer recently broke up with Darren Aronofsky after a year of dating. Maybe this is her way of moving on. The Mother! actress recently opened up about wanting to take time off from acting, telling Elle that she'd like to buy "a farm" and "milk goats" in an interview published last week.

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky (Facebook) 

Jennifer talked about her dreams of a simpler life after seven years of shooting film projects non-stop, averaging about three movies a year.

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"I want to get a farm. I want to be, like, milking goats," the star explained when asked what she has in store for the future. The X-Men star said she'd also be focusing on activism with non-profit 'Represent.Us' - which fights to end corruption in politics.

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Jennifer's long been a fan of farm life. In 2012 she told Seventeen magazine, "Growing up, I lived 15 minutes away from a horse farm, and I went there almost every day." She also said that she never thought her career would take her to superstardom (she's reportedly worth $110 million right now).

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"I’d pictured myself being in indies, living a pretty normal life," she explained. However, fans of the actress need not worry as she's got some pretty cool films coming up. 

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Next spring, she'll appear in the thriller Red Sparrow and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which is said to be her last film with the Marvel franchise.

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She'll also be working on two more projects—the Adam McKay film Bad Blood which is a biopic of Theranos (fallen blood test company) founder Elizabeth Holmes. And she is writing a screenplay for a comedy movie with pal Amy Schumer, but she's in no rush to complete the passion project.

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Her last release, Mother!, was where her relationship with now ex, director Darren Aronofsky began.

Jennifer Lawrence on the sets of 'Mother!' (Facebook) 

It remains to be seen if Jennifer actually follows through her plan of milking goats at a farm. The actress has been working since the young age of 14 so maybe she deserves a little time off away from all the glitz and glamour and fast pace of Hollywood.

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