Will & Grace reboot is on its way, but without these important characters

Will & Grace reboot is on its way, but without these important characters

If your 1990s is colored with memories of good TV shows then you get to relive those moments again. NBC just announced that a Will & Grace remake is in the works and the fab four will make their appearance (again) on television. Since it's been 11 years since the show ended, the reboot will include some changes.

Here's who you won't get to see when the show airs again on September 28:



Rosario Salazar 


We won't get to see Rosario throw truth bombs at Karen anymore. The feisty housemaid with her "members only" uniform is going to be absent. Literally, every fan hoped Rosario would be part of the reboot when actress Shelley Morrison appeared in the 2016 election special reunion video, but according to the shows co-creator, Max Mutchnick, Morrison has decided to retire from the show.

"We really wanted Shelley to be a part of this series so we find ourselves having to figure that out moving forward. It was not an easy decision to make but it's one that she made," he said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour panel.


Will and Grace's kids


No one was a fan of Will and Grace's kids back in 2006 and thankfully they don't have a place when the TV show returns this fall. The producers have decided to ignore everything that happened in the finale and instead, focus on Will and Grace's life. They will both be single, without a child and living in their old apartments, according to Entertainment Weekly.


Grace's mom


The producers have decided not to cast anyone in the place of actress Debbie Reynolds, who played Grace's mom in the TV show. However, the actress who passed away in December 2016, will be acknowledged in some way.

If you were entertained by Jack saying, "Just Jack" only a million times on the TV show, well, that won't be a thing anymore. Instead, the producers are trying a new form of acting called "Jackting" with him. Sean Hayes will use this on his co-stars, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally. 

Apart from this, everything else will be pretty much the same on Will & Grace, which will return with 16 episodes in season 2 on NBC in September.