Why is Joy Anna Duggar hiding her baby bump?

Why is Joy Anna Duggar hiding her baby bump?

She is further along than she wants us to believe

Fans of the Duggar family were shocked when they learned that Joy-Anna and her husband are expecting their first kid just three months after their wedding. The announcement came just last month and the reality TV star is excited to start a family of her own. She said earlier that she hopes to be a good mom to her child, just like her mom was with her.

joy anna duggar
Joy Anna Duggar and Austin are expecting their first child. Source: Twitter
Joy anna duggar
They were married in August this year. Source: Twitter
joy anna duggar
Joy Anna met Austin at the Duggar church. Source: Instagram

Even if Counting On star shared her excitement earlier, she's been very quiet about it on social media. The 20-year-old has posted only three pictures of her baby bump on Instagram and shockingly, was hiding her baby bump in the Duggar's Thanksgiving photo as well.

duggar family
The Duggar family. Source: Instagram

joy and anna duggar
The couple is excited for their first baby. Source: Instagram

"We had a wonderful time together over the past few days, lots of delicious food and the making of new memories that will last a lifetime! We were so thankful to have kids and grandkids under one roof," the Duggars wrote on their blog. However, the picture was marked by Joy's need to cover her baby bump at all times.

joy duggar
Joy Anna and Austin were present at the family's Thanksgiving dinner. Source: Twitter
joy anna duggar
Their's has been a whirlwind romance so far. Source: Instagram

Joy and Austin live in Arkansas. Source: Twitter

The Thanksgiving picture also included reality star Josh Duggar. Perhaps he's back from his stint at rehab. He was seen smiling for a picture along with his wife Anna and kids. Nevertheless, Joy's absence from the picture makes us wonder if everything is alright in the Duggar household.

The Duggar family during Thanksgiving. Source: The Duggar Family

Joy has been secretive about her pregnancy ever since she announced it with her husband, Austin. According to Radar Online, Joy's reluctance to share is because of their shotgun wedding.



The Counting On star was reportedly pregnant before she got married. In fact, the TLC show captured Joy hiding her belly just a month before her wedding. Reports suggest that she's much further along than we expect.

Joy Anna and Austin on their wedding day. Source: Twitter

Joy's husband Austin told People, "I’m really looking forward to the journey of this pregnancy and all the different stages it will bring. It’s really exciting and I feel so blessed to be a dad! We are beyond thankful!"

Joy and Austin met in Arkansas after his family started attending the Duggar church. The couple was engaged for three months before they walked down the aisle in May this year.

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