Here is why we still love the cast of Grey's Anatomy!

Here is why we still love the cast of Grey's Anatomy!

The cast of Grey's Anatomy has been letting us see what happens behind the camera and we're loving it. The extremely good-looking doctors on the sets step out of character every once in a while and make us forget all about their stressful love lives at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Just recently Sarah Drew announced her return to Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy by uploading a picture of her morning coffee, on which her character's name, April Kepner, was written. "Took me a minute to realize the coffee was for me 🙂 I guess the timing is right, since I step back into April’s shoes today!! We’re baaack!!! #GreysAnatomy #season14," she wrote on her Instagram account.

April's return makes us hope for a love triangle between Dr. Kepner, her ex-husband Dr. Jackson Avery and his new love interest Dr. Maggie Pierce. But before Jesse Wiliams steps into his role as a doctor/resident hunk of Seattle Grace Hospital, he took some time out to play baseball.

He turned up in a customized jersey along with the rest of the #GreyGuys aka Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd and Jason George and threw the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game against the Red Sox at Safeco Field. 

If the cast of Grey's Anatomy decided to leave their flourishing acting career, they could totally find an alternative career in baseball, because take a look at how skilled they are.... 

In other news, the season premiere date for Grey's Anatomy was just announced and Season 14 of the hospital drama will air on September 28 on ABC. Till then, all we can do is wait and feast our eyes on these pictures.