Victoria Beckham's new ad campaign slammed for promoting this body type

Victoria Beckham's new ad campaign slammed for promoting this body type

Victoria Beckham just released her latest ad campaign for her sunglasses and people are not happy with it. She has done it again,

Victoria Beckham is known to be a fashion icon in the industry and it is no surprise that there are millions of fans out there who admire her fashion sense. However, the former spice girl singer has found herself in hot water as fans are accusing her of promoting eating disorders in her latest ad campaign. 

Designer Victoria Beckham walks the runway at the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

The pop star turned designer had shared pictures from her upcoming  Spring Summer 2018 eyewear collection campaign on Instagram. The picture showed models giving a sneak peek into what they can expect from her collection. But what caught the eye of her viewers was the physique of the model who was used in the photographs. Many believed that the image promoted unrealistic beauty standards and should not be allowed to exist on social media. 

One fan showed their frustration towards the image by stating that it is important for ad campaigns to promote body positive message and keep in mind that there are millions of people who hold these images as their role models. "Why do we continue promoting these unachievable body types for most woman, why!? We have millions of young teens already having issues with their weight. Help woman embrace their own bodies be part of the positive change, please!" the comment read. 

Another added that rather than promoting the collection, the image was promoting negative body image. "Horrendous image for young girls. Why for eyewear are you using someone who looks emaciated? Sad times for you, the comment read.  

The photo for which Victoria is being criticized (Instagram)

Meanwhile, there was another who spoke about representation such as the one showed in the photo had been a growing cause for kids all over the world to believe that being thin is the only way to look beautiful. "Why always this body shape though? We know now that even young children have anxieties about their bodies now. Please be more conscious about the impact of the content you output," the fan wrote. 

While there was another who questioned Victoria on the choice of her model. "It’s so disappointing to see such an underweight girl modeling your clothes and frames when you have the power to pick anybody! Be a part of the positive change towards promoting a healthy body image for all the young girls out there who are inundated with unrealistic and unhealthy body images day in and day out!!" another fan wrote. 

However, there were a few who came to the defense of the model. Some suggested that one cannot judge that she is underweight because of the way she looks as many tend to have a high metabolism. "So girls who are naturally tall and lean are a negative influence? Beautiful model, style, and specs," one person commented. 

Victoria Beckham attends Vogue's Forces of Fashion Conference (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

One fan called attention to the body shaming which was being focused on the model in the photo itself. "I believe that many people are stupid commenting how this girl is unhealthy. And how do you know? There are lots of slim people like her who are actually perfectly healthy. Victoria can choose any models she prefers it’s her line and STOP body shaming any type of the body," the fan commented. 

This is not the first time that Victoria is being criticised for the type of model she chooses for her campaigns. In 2015, Victoria was slammed for using thin models for her New York fashion show. In 2010, the Forever singer told The Guardian that she is mindful of her choice of models. "Models are thin. But I do take my position seriously and I wouldn't want to use very skinny girls,” she said. But the recent events have gained her negative attention again. 


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