Victoria Beckham sizzles in nude leotard for Vogue Spain's cover photoshoot

Victoria Beckham sizzles in nude leotard for Vogue Spain's cover photoshoot

The mother of four released pictures of her new shoot just a day after Piers Morgan slammed her for using a painfully thin model for her new eyewear line

Victoria Beckham posed for Vogue Spain recently in what is probably the sexiest cover shoot we've seen.

Nude leotard and dimly lit rooms make for sexy photoshoots (Instagram)

The shoot was called "For the love of art" and had the stunning 42-year-old posing with a nude leotard, on top of a big wooden table. The shoot was dimly lit and the whole vibe just exuded sexiness. 

She teased three images from the shoot on her Instagram page and a video as well. Vogue Spain also teased three different covers. 

Vogue Spain teased 3 covers of the former Spice Girl (Getty Images)

Victoria even got very candid in her interview with the magazine saying that being in the public's gaze for 20 years has taught her not to care about what other people think.

She's been in the public's gaze for 20 years now (Getty Images)

The magazine's account put the caption for the shots: "I have grown up in public since I was 19-year-old, my days of worrying what people think I left behind."

She said she doesn't care what people think about her (Getty Images)

In the 2nd picture from the shoot, the former Spice Girl posed in the most striking red dress which had slits reaching her hips.

Red dress with hip-high slits (Instagram)

The last cover had Victoria looking like the sexiest ballet dancer around in a white leotard, a light blue sweater, and blue heels.

White leotard, pale blue sweater and sparkly blue heels (Instagram)

The Vogue shoot came 1 day after Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan slammed her for using a "too skinny" model for her new eyewear range.  

He wrote that 29-year-old Lithuanian Giedre Dukauskaite looked "emaciated and painfully thin." Morgan also went on to say that Beckham has "sanctioned the shoot" because she herself is slim.  

In his latest column for Mail Online, he wrote: "This photograph made me feel physically sick, and judging by the eruption of opprobrium that greeted it online, I’m far from alone in this view."

Piers Morgan has slammed her for using an "emaciated and painfully thin" model (Getty Images)

He added: "Regardless, this is a horribly cynical, commercially ruthless, and morally reprehensible decision by someone who should, and does, know better. Shame on you, Victoria Beckham."  

Users from Twitter were not having it as well and responded to Victoria's tweet: "This kind of advertising is extremely irresponsible and is an insult to women everywhere. Being thin and emaciated should not be anyone’s objective. It is degrading, insulting and extremely dangerous. #respectyourbody"

Fans have lashed out for at Beckham for her choice of model (Getty Images)

"Whether this model is naturally thin or not, you have chosen her. That is irresponsible and unworthy of so prominent a designer. Public feeling is not with you on this."


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