'Vanderpump Rules' stars strip down for PETA photoshoot

'Vanderpump Rules' stars strip down for PETA photoshoot

Season 6 of 'Vanderpump Rules' will premiere on Monday, December 4.

Vanderpump Rules cast is known for being catty, messy and often times bawsy, but the ladies of the Bravo show have really shown their empathetic and magnanimous side with this sexy new photoshoot. It is not for the promotion of any of their business ventures or the premiere of the brand-new season of Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules

In fact, the ladies stripped down to divert the attention of their fans and of those in power to an environmental crisis. Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, and Ariana Madix showed off their incredible bodies and got painted like Orcas for PETA.  

Lala Kent
"Keeping an orca at #SeaWorld is like putting a baby in a bathtub and having them grow up there. The intelligence these mammals possess is unmatched. I stripped down and was body-painted to represent the animals I fight for everyday. To join @peta @ariana252525 @scheana and myself in asking #SeaWorld to #EmptyTheTanks, visit http://peta.vg/vanderpumprules" (Instagram)

The photoshoot is intended to inspire people to support animal rights, especially that of the killer whales, that are showcased in the pools of places like SeaWorld. In the video the ladies make heartfelt appeal to protect the imprisoned mammals at the California water park. 


"When I saw the documentary Blackfish, it literally changed my entire life. I found my passion and I found my voice and I will not stop until any place like Sea World is completely shut down," says an impassioned Lala to the cameras.

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"Orca have died and the fact that none of them died from old age is just insane," adds Scheana. Ariana appeals, "Orcas are very social animals. And, they are very intelligent animals. Each pod has their own language. So you have Orcas from different parts living in this bathtub and they are fighting with each other because they have no way of communicating. They're confused. They are full of anguish and it shouldn't be that way." 

Ariana, Vanderpump
"I want to thank my girl, @ariana252525. Not only does she speak eloquently, she speaks factually. She speaks from her heart. With that, you are untouchable. Ariana, you are one of a kind. #women" (Instagram)

"Places like Sea World of the Miami Sea Aquarium... It is the equivalent of me taking a baby and putting them in a bathtub and having them grow up there. When you take a mammal of that size and put it into basically a swimming pool, you can't expect it to do anything else besides self-destruct," a teary-eyed Lala explains.  

Lala Kent
My face when a female is talking heat on another female. (Unamused) “If she wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend... it’s none of your business.” (Instagram)

The women also ask why we don't do the right thing for these mammals, when we know what the right thing is. Release these Orcas in to their seaside sanctuaries, appeal the Vanderpump ladies. You can watch a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot here:

These ladies and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast will return to Bravo come Monday, December 4, when Season 6 premieres. The cast even shared a bunch of photos and videos from their premiere party that is giving major FOMO. Check them out here:


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