Tyga wants ex Kylie Jenner to do a paternity test for her daughter Stormi

Tyga wants ex Kylie Jenner to do a paternity test for her daughter Stormi

Shockingly, Kris Jenner might be in on this mess, too.

It’s just the other day that Kylie Jenner shared her daughter's birth and her name Stormi Webster on Instagram. The baby's daddy, Travis Scott, is the current boyfriend to Kylie after her break up with ex-boyfriend Tyga. But while Kylie was busy holding her baby girl's hand and sharing the adorable picture on Instagram, it seems that her ex-boyfriend Tyga has been on the lookout. 

According to Radar Online, the American rapper, 28, believes that he - not the 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's current boyfriend Travis Scott, 25, is the father.

kylie tyga travis
Kylie's ex-boyfriend Tyga believes that he is the father of Stormi instead of Travis Scott. (Source: Getty Images)

Tyga wants a paternity test done on Kylie and Travis' baby because he believes that the child could be his. A source close to the rapper told the publication, “Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his."

The source added: “Tyga told friends that he was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago when this baby was likely conceived.”

kylie tyga travis
Kylie Jenner revealed the news of her pregnancy in an Instagram post, apologizing to fans for keeping it a secret. (Source: Twitter)

Discussing why Kylie and Tyga split on her show Life Of Kylie, his ex-girlfriend said: "There was no crazy fight, we just decided...Well, I decided that I’m really young. "I don’t want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person."

In September, when rumors started doing the rounds about Kylie expecting her first baby, Tyga posted a picture on Snapchat, claiming that he was the father of her unborn child, but he later retracted his statement by deleting the post.

kylie tyga travis
The Life of Kylie star again took to Instagram to post the first picture of her daughter Stormi Webster, while announcing her name to the world. (Source: Twitter)

However, between all this chaos, there's been a new twist in the tale. According to inside sources at Hollywood Life, it seems like momager Kris Jenner has been in on the whole thing, and that she's rooting for Tyga in this mess.

“Kris has started saying she thinks that there’s a chance the baby could actually be Tyga’s,” a Kardashian insider told Hollywood Life. “Kylie swears up and down it’s not possible but Kris is still hoping. Tyga thinks it could be his baby and Kris very much wants that to be true. She’s scheming with Tyga to do a paternity test behind Kylie’s back. But even if Tyga’s not the baby’s biological father he may end up stepping in, at least that’s what Kris would like.”

kylie tyga travis
Tyga (L) and Kylie Jenner attend the Alexander Wang February 2017 fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 11, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

“Tyga feels like he belongs in the Kardashian family and he still wants a DNA test to determine paternity of the baby, which might be his last chance at actually being in the family.” But not everyone thinks that going the paternity test route is such a brilliant idea.

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