Despite what the internet is telling you...Katy Perry is NOT a cannibal!

Despite what the internet is telling you...Katy Perry is NOT a cannibal!

Check out the outrageous alleged comments made by Katy Perry about eating human flesh.

The internet is full of all sorts of nonsense masquerading as news. More often than not, such articles and 'shocking reveals' act as just plain entertainment. Take for instance, the latest report about Katy Perry being a cannibal! It's outrageous and hilarious enough to debunk. Unless, you would like to believe that there is really a cannibalistic Hollywood secret society – plot for a new slasher film, anyone?


According to the repeatedly discredited YourNewsWire, the singer opened up about her cannibalism in a recent interview. According to the site, Perry made the following comments “on French radio". Citing 'sources' the site quotes the singer as having said:

“So many people in Hollywood tell you that human meat is the best meat in the world,” but it’s “gotten a bad rap” due to “squeamish Christians and their hypocritical virtues and morals".

Still from Katy Perry's new video 'Bon Appetit'

After supposedly touting the health benefits of human flesh, Perry is further quoted as revealing, “There is a group of old Hollywood guys who have an annual dinner party where the main dish is human… Each year a new host is selected for the following year by drawing straws.”

The outlet claims she added, “It is the new host’s responsibility to provide the main course, and it has to be human. If he can’t find a suitable person to serve as the meal… the host will be eaten instead!”


And if you're wondering what that "human flesh" would have tasted like, Perry allegedly said “It tastes like pork.”

According to Gossip Cop, all the above quotes attributed to her were fabricated and the fake story could have stemmed from Perry’s music video for “Bon Appetit” which features her getting cooked and served like a piece of meat. Funny how the good folks down at YourNewsWire concluded that the video could have real-life inspiration. Oh, well!

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