These Teen Mom stars are giving us major weight loss goals and these pictures are proof!

These Teen Mom stars are giving us major weight loss goals and these pictures are proof!

Recently, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra showed off his immense weight loss but there have been other members of the show who have completely transformed themselves and here's a look at them!

Being in front of the cameras 24X7 puts a lot of pressure on how someone looks and feels about themselves. As hard as it to get yourself together to plan a healthy living, it is not an impossible task and the cast of Teen Mom are a proof of that. With little changes in their lifestyle and the type of diet they follow, some of them have been able to make tremendous changes in their lives. 

Recently, Tyler Baltierra shared his weight loss transformation and people were surprised to see the difference. The Teen Mom star managed to lose 26 Pounds in just five weeks and agrees that things have been before so good before. with a bit of change in his eating habits and regular exercise, Tyler was able to get in shape and seems to be really happy with being able to do so. 

In an Instagram photo, he wrote, "26lbs DOWN!!! To be honest I didn’t even want to take a before picture because I was already thinking of me not sticking with it & then having the evidence of failure to look back on. But DAYYUMM dude! This got me feeling some type of way right now! The left picture was almost 5 weeks ago & Right picture was today. Eating healthier just feels better & obviously looks better hahaha lol BOOM!" 

Tyler shared his before and after picture online (Instagram)

Kailyn Lowry is yet another person who had an amazing transformation just months after she gave birth to her son Lux. The reality star has not been holding back to show off her new physique as she often posts pictures showing her slimmer physique. Since her weight loss, Kailyn has had a Brazilian butt lift and a fresh new pair of teeth veneers.

Kailyn Lowry in 2011 vs. 2016 (Pinterest/Instagram)

Amber Portwood on the other hand always had issues with her body. Especially after giving birth to her daughter Leah, Amber put on a total of 40 pounds. Since 2013, Amber has had a breast lift and gotten "body contouring" done. She is currently pregnant with her second child but has no doubt that she will get back in shape in no time. 

Amber Portwood in 2013 vs. 2017 (Pinterest/Getty Images)

Leah Messer has usually maintained the same body type throughout the episodes of Teen Mom but things changed when the mother of three gave birth to her third child in 2013. Even though Leah had gained some pregnancy weight during this time, she got back in shape in no time. However, fans worried that she was "too skinny" and had health issues but Leah denied having any problem and said she is happy with her body. 

Leah Messer in 2011 vs. 2017 (Pinterest/Instagram)

Catelynn Lowell has always been open about her struggle with weight loss. She has been open to admitting how she has tried countless things to lose weight but things have not worked her way. However, things changed when she tried waist-training. The reality star is currently seeking help for her mental health struggles in rehab. 

Catelynn Lowell in 2015 vs. 2017 (Twitter)

Jenelle Evans has always been conscious about her health and she has not let anything come in between that. After giving birth to her third child, Ensley, Jenelle took her time to get back in shape but gave her all when she got back to working out and eating healthy. 

Jenelle Evans in 2015 vs. 2018 (Pinterest/Instagram)

Chelsea Houska showed a tremendous weight loss after she got married to Cole DeBoer and even after she gave birth to her second child, Watson DeBoer. With the help of waist-training, Chelsea was able to get into a tremendous physique and her pictures make us believe so too. 

Chelsea Houska in 2012 vs. 2017 (Pinterest/Instagram)

Briana DeJesus previously got an extreme makeover after she gave birth to her first daughter, Nova. But after the reality star gave birth to the second child, the reality star was quick to kickstart her fitness regime once again and get back in time. There is no doubt that the results are amazing. 

Briana DeJesus in July 2017 vs. November 2017 (Pinterest/Instagram)

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