The Ed Sheeran effect: Red-heads are getting more of this, thanks to the singer

The Ed Sheeran effect: Red-heads are getting more of this, thanks to the singer

Red heads everywhere rejoice! It turns out that flame-haired everywhere are having a lot more sex and it's thanks in no small part to Ed Sheeran. Coined 'The Ed Effect,' a poll commissioned by Casumo, an online casino industry of all things, has found out that Ed Sheeran's popularity has affected the perception of red-headed people around the world.

Though the study was only conducted on a sample pool of 175 men, almost negligible when it comes to any sort of a scientific study, the results spoke for themselves. The people covered in the study were red-heads aged between 25 and 34, and found that nearly 20 per cent of them received 'more attention' since Ed Sheeran blew up big time. It also found out that these red-headed males were feeling more confident as a result of Sheeran's cultural dominance.

Sheeran's popularity is helping red-headed males everywhere! (Source: Pinterest)

The study also covered 1,000 women and asked them about their views on red-head men. More than a third agreed that there was more positive perception around red-headed males since Ed Sheeran arrived on the scene. It also uncovered that one in 20 females now even prefer red-heads over other hair colours, with auburn being the top choice, followed by strawberry blonde tresses.

They also asked women to vote for who they believed was the 'most attractive' red-headed man. Prince Harry, Ewan McGregor, and Damien Lewis rounded off the top three, while Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint and Benedict Cumberbatch made it into the top ten.

Rupert Grint made it into the top 10 most attractive red heads list (Source: Pinterest)

Here's what the list looked like:

1. Prince Harry
2. Ewan McGregor
3. Damien Lewis
4. Ed Sheeran
5. Eddie Redmayne
6. Benedict Cumberbatch
7. Rupert Grint
8. Rob Kazinsky
9. Paul Bettany
10. Simon Pegg

A representative for Casumo offered his thoughts on the study to Unilad, saying: "It's unsurprising that red-heads are attracting more attention now than in previous years. Donning fiery red locks are popular among both male and female celebs with stars like Emma Stone and Isla Fisher leading the way for red-headed women. More people are embracing their natural colour."

Sheeran himself believes he's helping red heads have more sex (Source: Pinterest)

The singer himself believes that he's helping red-haired men get laid. "There are a lot of ginger dudes in England who are using me," he said in the interview. "That's why I'm not hating on it. You know what, we're finally getting laid! This is a good thing."

If you're one of those red-haired people out there, have you felt you've received more attention lately? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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