Taylor Swift is dropping new music and here's when you can hear it

Taylor Swift is dropping new music and here's when you can hear it

Is Taylor Swift's new music going to drip with sultry beats? Or is it just going to sneak up on us like the snake video that appeared on her Instagram? The internet is a weird mysterious place that's come up with theories about her new music and the new video she just put up on Instagram.

For those not in the know, the Blank Space singer went off the grid and deleted everything from her social media accounts and just two days later, she uploaded a video of a snake slithering.

We're still wondering why a snake made it to Swift's Instagram but according to reports, the singer is currently reinventing her image and we don't know if it's somehow connected to the snake.

The Shake it Off plans to drop a new album sometime in the fall and perhaps her new social media posts are a sign of things to come.



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Swift hasn't dropped teasers or given an official confirmation of her new album but her camp has said a new single will be out on Friday, August 25. A source said Swift's new album will be heavy with pop music beats just like her earlier album, 1989. "She knows there's a demand for a new album and has really started focusing on making that happen for fans. She's just excited to get back out there," the source added, according to US Weekly.



The singer, who is active on social media has kept a relatively low profile in 2017. She's been rarely seen in public and this has to do with her preparing for her new album. 

However, swifties who've not got a chance to see much of their idol can finally see her at the MTV VMAs. Her name doesn't appar as an attendee but she will probably surprise us all. It would be interesting to see Swift and Katy Perry, who is the host of the 2017 VMAs together. The Dark Horse singer said they could do something together.