Shannon Beador has a reaction to estranged husband David's new relationship

Shannon Beador has a reaction to estranged husband David's new relationship

Shannon may have been left in the cold when she learnt of her estranged husband's new relationship but she is determined not to let it come in the way of her happiness.

Shannon and David Beador have been separated for all of four months but he's moved on already. Shannon's estranged husband, who asked for a divorce in October 2017, is currently dating a woman named Lesley, 20 years his junior. On Valentine's Day, the new couple celebrated their love in a very mushy style.

David Beador with his girlfriend, Lesley. Source: Instagram

Lesley uploaded a picture of red balloons and $730 Gucci tennis shoes that read Blind for Love, and David commented on it by writing, "Happy Valentine’s Day!! And away we go..." and included some hashtags that were perhaps aimed at his ex-wife. David wrote, "#notdiscreetanymore #happyvalentineday" next to his caption.

Lesley posted this image on Valentine's Day. Source: Instagram

Of course, Shannon had a reaction to it. She reminded the world that her estranged husband preferred to spend the day with his girlfriend rather than their daughters. In response, she posted a picture of her daughters Sophie, 16, and twins Stella and Adeline, 13 and called them "My Three Valentines..." next to plenty of heart emojis. 

Shannon called her three daughters her true loves on Instagram this Valentine's Day. Source: Instagram

Shannon, now a single mother of three, projected that she didn't care about what her estranged husband David did on Valentine's Day. According to a source, The Real Housewives of Orange County star wants to "take the high road" and focus on her Bravo reality TV show and her daughters. 

The source added that Shannon, 53, was blindsided and hurt when her estranged husband went public with his new relationship in January 2018. However, the reality TV star took it easy and began to focus on herself. The insider added that David's behavior was "disgusting and cruel" since the estranged couple's divorce hasn't been finalized yet. "He’s always been selfish and is clearly not thinking about how this will affect his children," the source added, according to People.

In the meantime, Shannon revealed to fans that she's started filming a new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. It's clear that Shannon, after feeling lonely in her 17-year-old marriage, has now decided to embark on a journey that will fill her with self-love and positivity. Her Instagram account is filled with messages of acceptance and resilience. "Sometimes when things are falling apart, they're actually falling into place," one photo reads. 

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