Remember Lily from 'Princess Diaries', she just got engaged to comedian Heather Turman

 Remember Lily from 'Princess Diaries', she just got engaged to comedian Heather Turman

Heather Turman and Heather Mazaratto have made things official

Anne Hathaway may have been the princess in Princess Diaries, but we were rooting for her BFF Lily too, and now it looks like she has got her happy ending. Heather Mozaratto, who played the role in the iconic coming-of-age film, has announced that she is officially engaged to comedian Heather Turman.

Both shared photos from the engagement, where they are sitting atop a log. Mazaratto popped the question and even though they are faced the other side, the pure joy in the eyes of Turman could not be missed.  

These are the pictures from the engagement: 

Heather Mozaratto proposes to Heather Turman (Instagram)
Heather Mozaratto proposes to Heather Turman (Instagram)
Heather Mozaratto proposes to Heather Turman (Instagram)

Here is how Mozaratto captioned it: “There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, ones dreams would have no meaning.”-The Alchemist  
We kept this to ourselves for a few days, but on 1-11, I asked.....and she said yes. To death and back, I love you, Turman. #twinflame #engaged #thealchemist 

Turman, meanwhile, said, "We kept it to ourselves for a few days, but it's official! I'm engaged to the absolute, unequivocal love of my life. I never knew I could find someone that matches me the way she does, in all ways... always. If Hollywood is my pyramids, then she is my Fatima. This is it. 🔥🔥 #whenyouknowyouknow #secondtimesacharm" 

Heather Turman shared this post to celebrate working together with her fiance (Instagram)

The Heathers met each other while working together in the 2016 comedy Stuck and currently live together with their two dogs and a cat. While the Princess Diaries star played one of the pivotal characters in the film, Turman served as writer and producer. The latter also received several acting credits. 

They wrote, produced and co-directed a series together, which was understaffed – 2 crew members. Reminiscing about the difficult days of shooting Truman wrote, "It was an insane amount of work, yet working with her couldn't be easier. We share the exact same vision, and have such a mutual respect for one another. I trust her eye and ear completely, and I know she trusts mine too. I love watching what she brings to the table creatively. She's like the Joel to my Ethan Cohen -- only we share a first name and not a last, because we aren't related, and thank the fuckin Universe for that!! @heathermatarazzo you are my soulmate"

Heather Mozaratto and Heather Turman (Instagram)

Matarazzo had come out as a lesbian while promoting the second installment of Princess Diaries titled Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, in 2004. She has been vocal about the desire to get married for a long time now. She was previously engaged to singer-songwriter Caroline Murphy, but they split-up in 2012.

We are sure glad Matarazzo found her soulmate in Turman and so are her fans. Check out how many of them reacted to the news:




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