One Tree Hill cast and crew accuse Mark Schwahn of sexual assault

Audrey Wauchope, who was the writer for the show came forward and spoke about the sexual assaults against the showrunner, Mark Schwahn.

TV writer Audrey Wauchope recently accused One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment during the time she and her writing partner Rachel Specter had worked on the show. Audrey decided to raise her voice after harassment allegation against Supergirl producer Andrew Kreisberg came to light.

Audrey Wauchope Source: Instagram

In a series of tweets, Audrey spoke about her first job experience and how she had been meaning to talk about it for a long time but never had the guts to do so. She recalled that she and Rachel had been hired as staff reporters for the show (which she does not name in the tweets) when she was 29 years-old.

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Unlike most people, the first job experience for the two writers had not been so good as she states, "to say we left that job demoralized and confused is also an understatement." On their first day at work, they were told that the showrunner (the name is not revealed) hired female writers on the basis of their looks and his only motive is to "f**k them."

Rachel Specter; Source: Twitter

As for Rachel, who had been an actress prior to writing, she was told by a fellow colleague that 'he used to talk about her in the room before we were hired'. These comments left the girls feeling uncomfortable. Audrey wrote, "Imagine feeling for the rest of your career that you're possibly an imposter."

Actors James Lafferty (R) and Mark Schwahn (Photo by Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images)

"Imagine that maybe, just maybe you're only here because you're a body, not a mind. It creeps into your thoughts and keeps you up at night and makes you wonder," she continued. She later continued that there were times when the female writers would try to get a spot away from the 'showrunner' during meetings.

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This was to avoid any kind of inappropriate behavior from him. Quite often, men would come and sit next to him in order to protect the women. However, sometimes, it wouldn't work as "he'd just squeeze his disgusting body in between us and put his arms around us, grinning. He pet hair. He massaged shoulders."

Mark Schwahn (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Audrey also revealed that there was more to the stories but since she wasn't the one at the receiving end, she feels it is not her story to share with others. But the incident did leave a mark on Audrey and she can still feel it affecting her.

Audrey Wauchope; Source: Instagram

"Ever since then I just state, 'I don't like to be touched.' This often makes me sound angry or not warm. It's just that I don't know another way to make it clear I don't enjoy your unwanted touch," she wrote. Meanwhile, she shared another experience that happened quite often on the sets. 

(L-R) Executive producer Joe Davola, actress Sophia Bush and creator Mark Schwahn

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