Millie Bobby Brown is in a relationship and she doesn't care who knows it

Millie Bobby Brown is in a relationship and she doesn't care who knows it

Millie Bobby Brown and boyfriend sparked rumors about their relationship earlier this week.

Even as people continue to speculate about her relationship status, Millie Bobbie Brown seems to have officially confirmed that she is in fact dating someone. The 13-year-old actress is in a relationship with 15-year-old pop singer Jacob Sartorius. 

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius (Instagram)

Millie shared a black and white selfie dated December 31, 2017 with Jacob via her Instagram stories. The photo is embellished with three red hearts. If this photo isn't an apt representation of what puppy love is, we don't know what is. 

Rumors about the young love began when they were both spotted liking each other's pictures on social media. Last week, things got all the more interesting after Millie shared a photo of herself cheerfully hugging a stuffed bear and captioned it, "Thanks for the bear".  

Even though Millie did not tag anyone in particular, Jacob responded to the gratitude with his own comment. He said, "[Of] Course" with a heart. By that point it was pretty clear that the young celebrities are dating each other. Now, we have a confirmation from Millie as well.  


Thanks for the bear ❤️

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The news about Millie dating Jacob was met with some interesting reaction. While a large majority was happy for the young couple, many found it difficult to accept young Eleven as grown up enough to start dating.

Here are some of the most impactful responses to Miley's change in relationship:  







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