Millennials think Friends is 'transphobic,' 'homophobic,' 'sexist', and the proof in irrefutable

Millennials think Friends is 'transphobic,' 'homophobic,' 'sexist', and the proof in irrefutable

The iconic tv show may not be as awesome as we thought it was.

Millennials have been dubbed as snowflakes by the baby boomers and generation x, and that is probably because they like to be inclusive of everyone. Minority communities feel more seen than ever before with this generation and that is because they finally feel like the world is more accepting of their difference. 

We can see this change in our TV shows and movies as well. If you go back and watch some of your favorite shows from the 90s or earlier, you might see a bunch of stuff that would be deemed offensive by the people of today. This applies to one of the most beloved shows ever – Friends.   


The show which narrated the lives of six young New Yorkers was undeniably a white-washed show and this was called out in Jay Z's Moonlight. The music video, which begins as a which is a shot-for-shot remake of a particularly hilarious scene from Friends, speaks volumes about the lack of representation of people of color.  

The video which features Jerrod Carmichael, LaKeith Stanfield, Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, Lil Ray Mowry and Tessa Thompson, was the brainchild of Master of None co-creator Alan Yang. "There was something interesting about recasting Friends because it’s a show that’s in our lifetime, and yet you still watch it now. And by the way, the video is not a slam on Friends," he says.

Instead, Moonlight offers "more of a glimpse at how far we have come as a culture. And how far we have yet to go," explains Alan. And Alan is right, it is still one of the most watch TV shows of all time.

It defined a generation, and unfortunately, it paints a picture of what that generation was like towards the marginalized communities. Thanks to Netflix, millennials are able to revisit the sitcom and boy, do they have opinions.   


From the perspective of a millennial, the fat-shaming jokes about Monica, jokes at the expense of Chandler's transgender father, Ross' discomfort at his son being raised by two mothers, are among the many other problematic storylines that Friends had.

Here is a look at one of the most brutally honest feedback about Friends and if you're a hardcore fan, you might want to look away.  




Then again, there is this perspective:  



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